Bed Head

Every morning Frodo is the laziest little dog-ever.  He usually will sleep on the couch until noonish then he might get up, explore the house, maybe see what is going on outside.  It is around dinner time and after that he becomes quite energetic and demanding.  He now barks at us if we do not play fetch and get his tennis balls that roll under the couch (he CAN get them himself he is just a team player).  The new activity that he has been found doing is chasing bumble bees outside!  I am just waiting to see if and when he gets stung because I think he might quit.  I have also caught him looking for snakes that live between the pool cement and the grass (yes they are there and they are non-poisonous). So far both parties are avoiding each other.


  1. Frodo is so cute! I love his features and colouring! my smallest dog loves tennis balls but tends to chew them up in about 20 mins!! Check out my blog as my big doggie is poorly :(

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. He is such a cutie! My little one will stand with his front paws on the couch, and look back at me to pick him up. He knows how to jump up there and only does this when I finally get a moment to sit! Silly dog.

  3. Dozer has figured out that if he PUTS THE BALL in front of the couch and pushes it with his nose that it will roll under ~ & then he stares at you until you pull it back out for him

    he has US playing fetch ~ he really does think it'a a should see him when one of us finally gives in and gets up to retrieve the ball

    he wags, and wags, and wags...stinker!

  4. Sounds just like my Clyde! The little lazy bones doesn't come downstairs until my husband is home for lunch half the time..

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Frodo sounds like our toy poodle, Cardamon. He is not a morning dog! It is nearly 11am and he is still curled up in bed. He often has bed hair when he is getting close to getting clipped and it makes him look so funny. He gets needy around the end of the day, just when I have to do the crazy evening routine. I'm sure they would get along! Jacinta


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