Beauty Surrounds

This morning is so beautiful!  It was so nice to get the newspaper and not suffocate from the heat and humidity.  These flowers are all in our front flower bed except the wild rose.  The rose bush is on the hillside and volunteers to beautify the driveway.  My husband just created this bed last summer.  Instead of rototilling (spell checker does not like this word)  or digging up the sod, he laid lots of newspapers and and then inches of mulch.  We could not believe how well this work and we did not use any pesticide.  So if you are in the mood for cutting corners, give it a try!  


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful and springy.
    I have been saving cardboard and newspapers
    to do a raised bed near my back door. We can't till there because of the electic and telephone lines. I would love to just have a flower garden...only flowers!

  2. How long was the area covered before planting? I've never done this but it sounds like a wonderful plan...

    Your flowers look very happy!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Incredible! What a beautiful garden. Are those tall guys Hollyhocks?


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