Frisbee Time

Frodo was lucky enough to inherit this frisbee from the pool box during the graduation party this past weekend.  One of the little kiddie guests found it and he absolutely loves it.  Now he typically will play fetch for as long as we are willing to throw a tennis ball, but the frisbee is off limits for the fetching game.  If you even try to pick it up, he takes it and runs like a crazy dog all over the back yard.  Sometimes the wind blows the frisbee up in his face and it's a miracle he stays upright. What a character!

His other game is to take the tennis ball and drop it into the pool and wait for one of us to scoop it out for him. Maybe miniature schnauzers are into group participation. So far, he hasn't taken the plunge......thank goodness!


  1. He is just too cute!
    Thanks for the link info, I fixed them.

  2. Awwwww! My dog used to drop the toy in front of us and just bark and bark and bark until someone threw it for him ... he had a lot of stamina in that regard. :-P

    He did get possessive of new squeaky toys, though. No one else was allowed to touch them until he'd broken them. Until then he'd carry it away to a room by himself to chew on!

  3. Frodo is so cute!! I had to call Mr Bee Happy in to look at these photos and he thinks Frodo is ace :) we had a Westie that loved her frisby sometimes she carried it round with her but the other way up so it looked like she was serving drinks!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Oh he is adorable-so handsome and happy!
    xoxo, Ang (peach coglo)

  5. Oh too darned cute! My dog is obsessed with a tennis ball (or two) but won't go near a frisbee...

  6. Love that last photo! Frodo looks so pleased with himself...

  7. I LOVE that bottom picture of Frodo! It's awesome!!!

    give him a scratch from me ;)


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