Frisbee Troubles

So I am sure you remember my post about Frodo's frisbee here.  Well that frisbee was not a dog frisbee, it was a human one and somebody (I won't name names) was eating the plastic.  So the kids and I dropped into Petco to purchase a specially made frisbee for Frodo.... oh I meant specially made for dogs.  I do not know why, but one that floats was very very important feature, I had a premonition.

Frodo has a terrible history of dropping tennis balls into the pool on purpose.  So I have banned the tennis balls from the backyard.  I thought I have out smarted him.  Can you guess what he has decided to do? 

Yep the little stinker is dropping the frisbee into the pool......then waits.  So now the frisbee has to be in the house if he is out in the back yard by himself.  I just do not want to fish out a frisbee every time I blink and I do not want Mr. Smartypants getting the idea to jump in (I thinks he considers it and would jump IF he would not get wet)!

I have to say when we adopted Frodo in December 2009, it was a decision that changed our lives for the better.  I laugh every single day from something that he does.  Laughter is the best medicine, isn't it?


  1. I love the look on his face! He knows exactly what he's doing doesn't he? The cutie!xx

  2. Frodo is just too amusing! How could you not want to play a never ending game of "Human go fetch!"? ;)

  3. What a character! I know what you mean about him jumping in. You want to nip a bad habit before it starts. I'm thinking of one escape artist hen who as soon as she got out once, does it everyday now.
    Enjoy your Frodo, laughter really is the best medicine...

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Absolutely adorable. Frodo is so smart! It's a game he plays with you, don't you know! *grin*

  5. They have such individual personalities, don't they? :)


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