The Weeks Ahead

In four weeks we will be dropping our daughter off for the beginning of law school.  We still have so much to do to prepare for her moving into her apartment.  The lists are starting to be made.  It is such an exciting time but time is flying by for me!

(my husband picked this watering can out at the hardware store, isn't it the "cheerful-est" one ever?)

In six weeks we will be dropping off our son for his first year of university.  He is planning to study math and possibly adding physics.  Oh and just maybe some computer programming.  His to do lists are so much longer because he needs everything.  But we will have an extra two weeks between the two kids.

In six weeks I will be cooking for two people instead of four people.  It seems like yesterday we had little children and the years just spanned ahead endlessly.  My husband and I are looking forward to doing so many things now that the high school schedule is no more.  Picnics planned, hikes at the state parks, and weekend trips to visit relatives just to name a few.  Such an exciting time in the weeks ahead :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations to your daughter and son! How exciting for you all. I hope the time doesn't fly by too quickly over the next six weeks.

  2. You blinked and they grew up didn't they? Sounds like you are in for some lovely times with just you and your husband. Enjoy the weekend and I do hope someone will throw the frisbe for Frodo;)

  3. Wow, a house full of brains... Congratulations! Oh, and a husband who you can trust with unsupervised household purchases? What a life!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I felt a few tears forming as I read your happy will (thankfully) be many years before we are where you are, at the same time (selfishly) I am a wee bit jealous, too. Enjoy this busy, exciting time!!

  5. Wow, big changes! This growing up thing sure likes to sneak up on a person. Have fun with all those lists!
    I love the cheerful watering can - it's always good to have a hubby around to trust with such purchases!

  6. What brilliant kids! You must be proud.

  7. wow! really big changes and transitions in store for your family. happy list making!

  8. Oh my, such a time of transitions! I'm so excited for both your son and daughter; they are embarking on important new phases in their lives. Best of luck to all (including mom and dad and their empty nest)!

  9. Sounds like there are big changes for you in the coming weeks. I feel a little emotional for you. May the transition be smooth. Oh and that watering can is the sweetest I have ever seen. Jacinta

  10. Enjoy the last little bits! I have to admit, even this far away from it, I am terrified of the time you are going through. Maybe by then I will feel differently?!?! Congrats on a job week done, Mama!

  11. Such a big time of change. Thinking of you all during this time. . . . It sure does fly!


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