Wurm Head

The project I started this past weekend is a hat.  The most difficult decision is to decide which pattern to pick.  I like so many!  What helped is that I did pick from my stash this lovely blue cotton yarn so I did narrow down my search to double knit weight yarn.   The pattern I chose is Wurm.  It is a lovely simple pattern and I really enjoy just knitting away while talking (a skill I continue to finesse).

Here is my ravelry project page.  I chose cotton so it could be a summer into fall hat.  But this would be fabulous in wool.  I know I will be making this pattern again.


  1. I love the hat pattern and a great idea to knit in cotton. I am still undecided on my project.

  2. love love love the picot edge! something about picot is so dainty and yet so sassy :)

  3. Great looking hat, and you know how I feel about knitting while talking, or knitting while listening or...

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. What a lovely blue! Perfect for late summer. :)

  5. Oh knitting and talking simultaneously. I am still working on that one!


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