A few days ago it rained and rained and when it was over I decided to walk Frodo around the property.  Of course I did not take my camera the first time around so I did that same walk again.  Anyways it is very hard to photograph and hold a dog on a leash...a skill I lack.

I was amazed at all of the mushrooms that popped up out of nowhere near the woods.  They have since been mowed over but I thought they looked quite pretty. 

We lost this tree to a storm 3-4 years ago.  My husband still has the stump removal on the "to do" list.  I am in no hurry because it looks so nice adorned with moss, lichen and more fungi.  Maybe by the time we get to cutting it down it will just fall over from rotting???  Okay, maybe not.

Our daughter is now at her school and it sure has been awfully quiet around here.  We did have a nice summer break with her.  It was also fun seeing her get more excited about starting law school and making new friends.  On Saturday, my husband and I are loading up her belongings and delivering them to her apartment.  

Part of me is dreading the day since the apartment complex is checking in all of the students.  However, we are going to try to be one of the first in line (people tend to not like mornings).  I am also taking knitting and puzzles and packing a lunch so I do not get cranky (who me??).  I figure if I expect the worst then there is nowhere to go but up!! It should be a very interesting day.  


  1. I think your photo's are great! We are having a lot of mushrooms around here too, but I never have the camera when I see them.
    I hope you have an easy time checking your daughter in and getting her settled. Is your son still home? I can't remember if you have already taken him to school or not. I only have two left here and the noise level is so different now; sometimes way too quiet! xx

  2. love those colorful mushrooms! and yes, i think your plan for moving day is sound - knitting is always good for soothing the savage beast.

  3. You have quite the variety of mushrooms on your property!

    Chase discovered some growing in a crack of our driveway earlier this week. They seem to be popping up at everyone's home now.

    Lovely pictures! I love that stump and how nature keeps going.

  4. That tree stump is just the kind of thing I love! It's yard art in the truest sense...

    Saturday shows nothing promise with your 'it can only go up' attitude. Enjoy the day. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. I love your new banner! And such happy photos. I'd leave the stump for sure (of course, my husband and I are way too lazy to ever embark on a project as ambitious as stump removal, but it's also so gorgeous!). The first little mushroom is my favorite - I love mushrooms so.

  6. Great nature photo. I really like your new banner too! Knitting always helps me keep calm. It's good to know yourself. ;)

  7. I love all those mushrooms! So beautiful!

    Hope the move went well!

  8. I'm a big fan of mushrooms too. I just love the infinite variety that they hold. If that stump were on my property, I don't think I could bring myself to dig it's just so pretty! Hope moving day goes well! I live in a college town and I always make a point to not leave the house on the weekend that the students come back. Too much hustle and bustle for me. :)


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