Festival Goodies

I just fell in love with this colorway as soon as I saw it.  I think this sock weight wool made by Unplanned Peacock Studio would make an excellent pair of socks for my husband.  My only concern is that I usually make his socks with yarn that has at least 25% nylon for durability.  I think I will just take my chances and see how this yarn holds up.

From another vendor, I picked up these two little bars of soap made by Silvara Valley Farm because they looked super cute.  There really isn't a strong scent which I kind of like.  Sometimes home made soaps are too strong and set off my allergies.


  1. oooh, excellent purchases ;) I love that sock yarn, looks perfect for husband socks, hope it holds up well!

  2. I am always coveting the yarns you pick! I love homemade soap and always try to have some goat milk soap around since it is my favorite.xx

  3. beautiful wool! such pretty colors! i love your soap, i like goat milk too for its gentleness and usually light scent.

  4. a fiber festival!!!! what a great fall thing! I am extremely.....extremely jealous! (good picks on the purchases!!!)

  5. Tell your hubby those will be indoor only socks ;) No shoes can touch them!

    Now see, I need to find goat milk soap. I bet it is wonderful!

  6. Oh, it looks like you hit the jack pot at the festival! Two of my favorite things: yarn (which is beautiful btw) and handmade soap.


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