This weekend contained:

-a lovely dinner evening out with my husband at a local new restaurant.  We had been dragging our feet to try it and now I wonder why because it was fantastic!

-attending a local craft fair that had entirely too many people for my comfort level.  I could not see any of the items for sale due to people being in my way.  The above photo was a clear shot of the apples for the cider stand.  No one was in my way for this photo ;)

-eating funnel cake and enjoying every single bite while knowing it is void of any nutritional value.

-a realization that a hike through the state park would have been much more relaxing for me. My husband was right and I was wrong....shhhh.....do not tell him I said that!!

-going to church then having lunch at home.  I met a friend for knitting and shooting the breeze with while my husband cooked dinner (I love not cooking!).  He made a curry that was just spicy enough for my bland tastes.

-walking on our dirt road with Frodo taking in the sights and sounds of autumn.  

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  1. Look at all those apples! Glad you enjoyed the funnel cake! ;)

  2. I understand the feeling about the crowds since I don't handle them well myself!
    I think walking on dirt roads is the best and having a husband who cooks is even better. I would love to taste your husband's curry and you could taste my husband's chocolate chip cookies! xx

  3. Sounds like a good weekend, apart from the crowds part (I hate crowds too). Great picture of the apples :)

  4. Lovely weekend!!! Dinner cooked for you--knitting--walk in the woods--crafts fair perfect fall weekend!!!! Find anything inspiring at the craft fair???

  5. What fun! Goodness, that truckload of apples puts my 100 pounds to shame!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. What fun! That is a lot of apples! I don't do well in crowds either... don't feel bad!

  7. i love your weekend and do agree about the crowds and hiking. i avoid crowds at any cost, but my sister and i braved the festival that came to our town this weekend too, mostly in memory of our mom, she loved the avocado festival so much. it was strangly mellow though, or maybe it was just us.
    love all those apples. :)

  8. crafts and crowds are a bummer. Glad you enjoyed your time off ...

  9. Sounds all in all like a good weekend! Was it as warm at the fair you went to as it was at the one I was at? We got sunburned!

  10. I love that ..."I was wrong." Remember the Fonz? On Happy Days, when he was wrong, he always stammered his apology... I'm with you - I don't like crowds. At least you had another lovely weekend with your husband!

  11. now THAT is a truckload of apples!
    Glad you got a nice night out. It's hard to take the time sometimes. And you got knitting in! Always a good thing! AND, enjoying food with no nutritional value MUST be done from time to time. It feeds the heart.

  12. Holey Moley look at all those apples. It sounds like we have the same low tolerance for crowds. I swear I end of skipping a lot of stuff for that reason alone.


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