Winter Wonderland

I snapped these photos around seven a.m. this morning when I went to get the paper.  For as long as I can remember, I have always loved it when it snowed.  I do not think I will ever get tired of it.  Snow covered ground is beautiful and I love to be cold.  (I am a little strange) Many people would say that I would dislike snow once I started driving---nope! It has not happened.

I am married to a summer lover.  He is so happy swimming in the pool, while I am grumbling about the heat and my hair (did I mention that my hair looks awesome in the winter?)  So yesterday when the snow started I heard his grumbling and I smiled.  It is my season--I am happy!

I believe that this snowfall will be melting by this evening.  The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising.  Today I will keep looking out the window and enjoying the view.  I will make more lists.

 Next Thursday the kids are coming home for their winter break.  Our son is off for five weeks and our daughter is off for three weeks.  Of course I do hope the weather will cooperate with their travels...maybe some flakes sprinkled in the air?


  1. I love the cold too. Of course, I live in Arizona, so it is relative. My husband dislikes being cold immensely. Fortunately my kiddos seem to enjoy both.

  2. I love snow (although I hate being cold!) and I still get amazingly excited about being the first person to walk on a patch of fresh snow ;)

  3. I love the snow and still can't figure out how I ended up in the deep south! My husband is like yours and loves summer. They say opposites attract and I guess they're right.
    Wow, your son has a long break! I know you'll enjoy having your 'babies' home.
    Enjoy your beautiful view!

  4. I am glad you are in your element for the day. Snow is so beautiful and it has such a peaceful feel that comes with it. I have to admit, I am a warm weather soul at this stage of my life. Loved the cold when I was young... now I love the warmth! ;) blessings ~ tanna
    ps all the better to wear your beautiful handknits!!

  5. I love winter too. I really miss the snow since we moved to Canada - sounds so wrong doesn't it? The area we live in gets much less than where I grew up in Upstate NY.
    Beautiful photos! Enjoy the snow :)

  6. i'm with you! love the snow! bring on the cold! i'd much rather be cold than hot.

  7. Winter is my time of year, too--nesting weather. And I adore a snow scene more than anything. (It never counts as a REAL snowfall until the grass can't be seen anymore.) Down here, though, if the weather folks even suggest there MIGHT be a flurry, schools are closed and the rednecks start revving their engines to do wheelies on the ice. Sort of ruins it for me. Enjoy the view--it's gorgeous!

  8. What gorgeous photos. I long for a white Christmas. It is so wrong to celebrate Christmas here in Australia in the middle of summer. Or winters are cold, but we really don't get snow where we are. Although we aren't far from some of the snow fields, so we get the icy wind instead of the snow. Jacinta

  9. Oh I am the same way and my husband lives for summer. As soon as the equinox arrives he's depressed!

  10. oh i think i would love it too. it's so great that you do karen, snow is for you! i'd love that view too. sometimes i've wished that i lived where it snowed.

  11. I love snow, too :-) I was hoping that the cold rain we had this week would change over to snow, but it just missed us. Drat! Your photos are beautiful and make me hope that we'll see some 'flakes before Christmas.

  12. I married a summer guy as well, I'm with you - bring on the winds and snow (none here... yet). It looks beautiful over where you are!


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