Long and Winding

I don't know about you, but it seems to be a little bit lighter than usual around 4:30 p.m.  I was doing dishes and I thought "we should walk before it gets dark!"

If you utter the word "walk" anywhere near Frodo you are committed to walking.  He looks so eager and happy, he prances all around doing twirls-he should have been in the circus.

We haven't walked the dirt road for many many weeks.  Mainly because of deer season and I am afraid I might be mistaken for a deer.  My dad insists that it would not happen but I do not believe him.  So from Thanksgiving until one to two weeks after deer season I steer clear of the dirt road.  Only paved residential roads.

It was so nice to be out and about in the woods.  There might be one car that passes by.  This walk there was a car and a neighbor's golden retriever walking down the road.  He loves to greet Frodo.  Frodo wishes he was as big as a golden retriever.

I might complain there is no snow this winter but I do enjoy walking in 40-50 degree weather and my running shoes stay squeaky clean!

I believe I will always want to live with woods nearby.  I can listen to the silence and be in harmony with nature.   I am so thankful that walking can be done anytime and anywhere with anyone.   Frodo is thankful that he knows the word "walk"

(photos in this post were taken by my son)


  1. What a beautiful place to walk Karen and I am envious of your walking companion, my little dog walks way too slow to go with me most days.

  2. I'd love walking there too, and so would Owen, who also should have joined the circus! Hee hee.

  3. I wish I had woods like yours near! It looks like such a beautiful place to stroll.

  4. A walk in the woods always brings something unexpected if you look for it, something tiny or big...even on the same path that you always take. I love having woods nearby too. Glad that you weren't mistaken for a deer!

  5. wonderful post! beautiful pictures!

  6. It looks beautiful (and your son's photos are fab)

    I wish I lived closer to a wood, I'd love to be able to go for a walk like that. And I don't even have a 4-legged companion!

  7. beautiful place to walk!! I don't blame you for being cautious in deer season. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  8. How nice to be out for a walk with both your "boys"!!!!

  9. I completely agree. I'd be heart broken if I didn't live near the woods!
    Looks like a beautiful path to walk- deer season and all. :)

  10. How beautiful. It looks so very peaceful. I'm careful what I say around my dog, too, because she definitely knows "treat."

  11. It is so beautiful in "your neck of the woods" no pun intended! Makes me want to go take a walk right NOW! You need to wear one of those orange vest so you feel safe! Tell your son "thanks" for the pics...good job!


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