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Last week Frodo and I took a walk about the yard and I remembered to take the camera and here are the photos that we snapped.  It was quite chilly that day and the snow disappeared the following day.

All of my southern bloggers are worried about their blooms.  So far nothing is sprouting out of the ordinary.  It is the same plants that have little buds on them.

It's nice to have some purple color during the winter.  During the summer there is never a bud....funny!

I did finish my Sprouts shawl yesterday but it is blocking as I type this so maybe I'll have some photos by Thursday.

In the background is some parsley that is STILL green!  I must say this has been the weirdest winter so far.  We are supposed to have normal temperatures this week but I do not think there is any snow in the forecast.  


  1. I love that bit of purple--and all winter! What is it???

    Can't wait to see your shawl! (I pulled mine off the blocking wires this morning!)

  2. My rosemary is completely in bloom and all of my herbs are still growing...crazy winter!

    I am looking forward to pictures of your shawl [are you going to model?!]

  3. congrats on the finished shawl! I am eager to see it. So much green amid the cooler weather. It has been an odd winter for many.

  4. Have a blessed day Karen, I can't wait to see your new shawl. Tami

  5. Yes, we want to see your shawl! And all your new projects now that you are finished with that one! Nice photos of the snow and frost.....yes, we are worried about our plants...they are blooming like it is April and if we have a freeze right now, everything will be dead this Spring....not a pleasant thought!

  6. What lovely pictures of a lovely little walk. I feel like I went with you.

  7. beautiful beautiful. I love the little bits of frost.
    we just don't get that round these parts.
    can't wait to see the shawl. I want to know myself one so maybe it will get me going.

  8. yep, japanese magnolias have been in bloom as well as the azaleas. crazy. and your parsley plant is a fighter!

  9. I agree. It has indeed been the strangest winter! It's been messing with my inner clock.
    can't wait to see pics of the finished shawl!

  10. What are those purple flowers? Gorgeous! While it has been cold enough to ensure no wierd sprouting, it still hasn't felt like winter. I must say I do - only briefly - envy those who have things like Lavender and Rosemary growing all the time. Love your photos.

  11. Beautiful purple!! Looking forward to seeing your sprouts shawl! blessings ~ tanna

  12. That parsley is so fantastic! Lucky you.

  13. Definitely an odd winter. Our brussel sprouts are loving it, though.


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