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Mr. Frodo and I took a walk about the yard today and I grabbed the camera.  It feels and smells like spring out there.  Very earthy.  The birds are singing and the air is fresh.  Lovely to be out and having the sun beam down on me.

The first week of March is around the corner and our daughter will be home for her spring break.  The following week our son will be home as well.  This winter (which really is not a winter) has flown by for us and I'm amazed it's almost half way through their semesters.

There will be shopping trips and dinners out.  Frodo will be beside himself with happiness.  Ever since we did the mattress switching we have removed the baby gate to the upstairs....trusting him.  Every day he runs up there and walks around and then comes back downstairs.

Both of the kids live outside their suitcases during school breaks and....ahem....most of their clothes lay on the floor.  I have visions of Frodo finding and carrying around an odd sock waiting for someone to play the "catch me" game.  He loves to be chased!!  He is fast and he is squiggly-his main advantage.  Mind you, if you do not chase him he will drop whatever he has in his mouth.  But where is the fun in that?


  1. I know you'll enjoy having them home even with the cluttered floors.

  2. This year is really flying by isn't it? Now, will both of your children be home this summer? Frodo is going to be beside himself!

    PS- Yep, you knew it was rice, you know your grains!

  3. My parents' mini schnauzer, Pippin, plays a very similar game with socks! He also tries to eat my knitting when I come visit.

  4. Growing up we had a Brittany Spaniel. He loved chase more than anything. He was a bolter also - running any time the front door was open. All you had to do was shut the door and he would come back. He looked so sad that you were not going to chase him.

  5. I love your photos so much! It does feel like spring doesn't it? We have had no trouble with sock stealers here although they do like to grab other stuff.

  6. There would be no fun at all! LOL! I think those games keep a soul young! blessings ~ Tanna

  7. Loving your blue sky pictures. Frodo certainly sounds like a character. Jacinta x

  8. Frodo certainly has ummph and loves 'adventure'. I guess that's why you named him thus? Sounds like someone else will be beside herself with happiness too! Hope you enjoy your time with your children - too bad they weren't home at the same time. But then again, you'll have some one-on-one time I suppose. That 2nd photo with the bush is beautiful. Like the focus of it.

  9. Lovely shots and I can't believe you've got flowers!

  10. So glad to hear your kiddos will be home soon for a visit! You must be super excited, as it sounds like Frodo is! My husband is in his last semester- it is going by so quickly! I'm not ready for him to be done. We get by with missing engagements we're not interested in attending because, "he has homework." Ganna have to find a new excuse. :)


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