Sisterly Visit

We arrived at my sister's place around dinner time.  My sister graciously invited us for a weekend visit since we had a great time together at the cabin.  Also during this visit, there was the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show.  We attended just on the Saturday to do some yarn shopping, and drooling at the expensive stuff.  Did you know sequins are big in knitting?  Not my style but it apparently is hot right now.

These violets sit on her window sill.  Aren't they pretty?  I am not very gifted in the growing plants department.  Right now I am killing an amaryllis.  I just do not think it is going to bloom now.  Over watering is my downfall every single time.

Whoop!  This is what I bought at the show.  Lovely lovely yarn.  As you can see I was in a gray/purple mood and a green/yellow mood.  I have no idea what I am going to knit yet.  The green on the far left is becoming a hat and that is as far as I thought about it.

This is my sister's sewing/craft room.  I thought it would be neat to share.  She has an entire wall of shelving.  See that yarn?  Yeah.  I want it too.  That top shelf of yarn looks pretty nice to me-and the wool wash near the bears.  You can never have too much wool wash.  The raggedy Ann and Andy were made by our mother.  I have a set of them too :)

We all had a great time together.  We usually have all of our children when we visit and although we missed them, we had a fun time just being the four of us.


  1. obviously, you and your sister have much in common!!!! what a fun weekend!
    I'm drooling over that yellow yarn--been looking for that color for a "copy-cat" shawl I saw!!!!! Good thing we're just virtual..if your back was turned, it just might disappear!!! ;)

  2. What a wonderful weekend! The flowers are gorgeous. I have a pot that works wonders for violets. It is an unglazed pot witting in another pot. I bought it at a local craft fair. It doesn't sound as ugly as I describe! How fun to have a new bundle of yarn. Oh and her craft space - so nice.

  3. Looks like a blast! I love to see other peoples craft areas. I don't have a sister, but some special friends who are just as close.

  4. sisters are wonderful. I love her craft room. a dream of mine to have one some day! blessings, Tami

  5. LOVE your sister's craft room!

    And your yarn haul! Great colors.

  6. It looks like the crafty gene run's in the family! That is some lovely yarn you picked up at the show and I just know you'll find something fabulous to knit with it!

  7. Gorgeous yarns!! I really wanted to go to the yarn show, but not this year. Hopefully next, when I will no longer have a grad student's schedule! :)

  8. Sounds like such a wonderful time! I love the middle silvery grey wool you bought and your sister's wool basket. Craft room....*sigh*.

  9. how fun to have a crafty sister to be creative with! i just used ella rae yarn for the first time and really liked it. too bad my lys was getting rid of their last bits of it.

  10. I love my sisters, too, and the time I spend with them.

    On a completely different note...I love those Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!! I vowed that if I ever had children, their room would be decorated with that theme.

    - Jen

  11. LOVE the grays!! And, Ella Ray... wonderful! Must be really fun to have a sister who shares some of your same passions! I'll be looking forward to seeing what that yarn becomes! tanna

  12. I had a Raggedy Ann doll when I was little. I still kind of remember how it smelled. Love that room with all the yarn. Color me envious. Must say, I love the pictures of the flowers. Caught my eye right away. Heavens, I hope spring comes soon.

  13. Sounds like a lovely visit with your sister. The yarn you purchased looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you knit. Jacinta


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