See that pile of books?  That is what I found at the recycling center.  Yep.  People throw out just about anything.  The top four books are children's easy reader books.  The latin book I snagged for my daughter who loves languages.  Lady Cordelia is having a link up about thrifty finds on Thursdays.

The trivial pursuit game we bought at a thrift store.  We played last night just the three of us and boy is it ever hard!  And answer was West Berlin-not there anymore!  It's still a fun game, I can't decide if I feel really smart when I know an answer or really uneducated when I haven't a clue.

I found this lovely weed in the yard and took a blurry photo of it.  Not on purpose of course, it's just how I thought it was in focus.

Sunshine through my new and improved fence that so far has kept Frodo from escaping.  Frodo is still up to getting into mischief.  Yesterday was so warm that the snakes were out.  We have many garter snakes in the back yard.  He chased one onto the pool cover and barked at it mercilessly.  Poor poor snake.  My husband rescued him (the snake not Frodo) and placed him near the woods.

Well lookie's parsley that has made it through a winter season!!  I do not believe it ever became cold enough to freeze over.  Love that green color!!

This is my heather plant in the front yard.  It has been in bloom throughout the winter.  Crazy, huh?  I love the purple against the dark green!


  1. That is a great stack of books Karen. We have the same game, I bought it new when it first came out and yes, it's hard! We haven't played it in years so maybe I need to pull it out.
    The snakes are out here too, unfortunately, they are mostly poisonous.

  2. What fantastic finds? I don't know why people wouldn't donate those books to their local library sale or freecycle them. Crazy, I tell you. I do love those pictures of heather.

  3. I think we have the same edition of Trivial Pursuit too. I always feel too young to be playing it because it is tough! Oh well, the boys love playing with the pieces and made up questions from Daddy :)

  4. hey, your parsely also made it through the winter? nice! i just came in from looking proudly at mine!
    your blurry weed picture is funny, i take pictures like that too :)

  5. We haven't had much of a winter either which is frustrating because I can't plant anything until after Easter. I'm feeling very impatient.

  6. love the finds, girl!!!!!!
    I haven't played Trivial Pursuit in a long time. Wonder how I would fare now....
    oh, and love the blurry shot of pretty weeds!!!

  7. Our little dog has been escaping the yard, too. Very frustrating! We're still looking on how we can keep her in.

    I haven't played Trivial Pursuit in years. It IS a hard game. I was always happy when I got an answer right!

  8. So amazing and sad at what people throw out!! Shameful.

    Love the plants - beautiful signs of Spring, and warmer weather! :)

  9. What is that man's junk is another man's treasure....I often find treasure right on the street where neighbors are just throwing them out! Glad you were so successful! Your fence is beautiful! (and I am glad it is doing it's very important job!)

  10. who would throw out arnold lobel? cannot imagine. i have a whole box of the girls old books (the ones that aren't boxed up to keep) and my aunt is getting them for her students....

    trivial pursuit always made me feel so stupid, we have it but never play it, perhaps it should be donated too.

    daffodils, crocuses and those little blue wild flowers i don't know they're name.

    so happy!

  11. We love hardback vintage childrens's books around here! I recognize a few just like ours. Blessings, Tami

  12. I love frog and toad, I can't believe someone would throw those out!

  13. such treasures!!! so glad you were able to rescue them!!!

    one person's weed is another's wildflower....I think that almost counts as wildflower in my book!!

    I haven't seen any snakes yet--but I've already been attacked by chiggers and ticks. It's going to be one heck of a summer!

  14. One of my goals this spring is to stop by a few local thrift stores. So many people find so many wonderful treasures! I love the signs of spring!

  15. Yay for book-saving!! Oh and i have those beautiful weeds too :) Here comes spring...

  16. We have had signs of spring popping up all over as well. I have always loved the illustrations in the older early readers; what a great find.

  17. what a great pile of finds!

    love that heather... that color is so pretty!

  18. happy to see your plants did well! My french lavender didn't make it, but alas, I was not fond of it either. It killed off the surrounding plants (which I don't think is normal. Not sure what happened there).

    love seeing Spring tip-toeing over your home! And to see that Frodo is up to no good. :)

  19. I played Trivial Pursuit all childhood! I think you could order updates to the cards?
    Mia and I saw our first snake of spring too. Nice big black racer. So glad it wasn't a boa!


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