While my husband and I were out and about over the weekend, I stumbled across this fabulous find.  A HUGE bread box.  The very best part was the price---three dollars!!  Can you believe it??  I know, I think they mispriced the item.  I've seen less desirable bread boxes for $20.

I washed it with just dish detergent and let it air dry.  So of course I'm not going to keep bread in it, that's just silly.  I thought it would make an excellent candy box.  (candy is a staple in this house, just one piece with put a smile on anyone's face).

Once I brought it home, I then had to think of where to put it in the kitchen because it really is large.  I rearranged the cook book nook to make room for the box.  Lovely!

What have you found on your outings?

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  1. What a great use! An awesome find for sure.

  2. Very cool. They used to be everywhere growing up and now it's difficult to find even a decent one. You succeeded.

  3. It's beautiful, and what a steal! I think your use is much better than just using it for bread.

  4. wow, what a treasure!! i love that it has the little shelf. no great finds for me this week--can't find anything if you don't go looking!!!

  5. What a great candy box and for $3.00, it's even better!
    Now, about those cookbooks you have there....want to do
    a post and share?

  6. $3?! Its huge and solid wood! I think they did misprice it. Lucky you ;)

  7. What a great find!!! I love it!

  8. what a great bread box! i've been looking out for one of those to re-finish and do a bit of stenciling on. love what you're using it for (says the woman who is 5 days into 30 days of no sugar)!

  9. I love this - what a great buy xx

  10. How cool! The stars on it are so pretty too.

  11. You got a deal! I've always wanted one of these... thought it would be cute with spices in it. Love the way you repurposed it into the candy box!


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