Candlestick Holders

These candlestick holders were bought at a garage sale a year ago by my husband.  He bought them for me and I think he paid maybe two dollars total.  He is thrifty that way.  I have them lined up in the dining room on the organ.  I love how matchy matchy they are.

Of course I had to move them to my family room for their photo shoot.  It's a little too dark in the dining room. I wonder why someone decided that they didn't need them or want them anymore.  That's the best part of second hand stuff.  "One man's junk is another man's treasure" as the saying goes.  So I am treasuring someone's junk.

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  1. I do wonder sometimes how things end up in thrift shops, especially nice items like this. Maybe someone passed on and family members decided to give stuff away?

  2. They are very pretty Karen!
    I forgot to tell you how much I like
    your new header, it's perfect!

  3. i think a lot of people would consider the stuff we have around in our home as junk. i think your new candle holders are pretty!!

  4. Love those. My mother has a whole collection of brass candle holders. She used to have them all on the dining table. Now they are on the mantle...great deal by the way!

  5. I find great joy reusing old discarded items.I love your candle holders. One of my favorite ones is brass also, it is tall and curvy. I waited for a 1/2 off day to buy it, so it cost me $2.00. Love those bargains! Blessings, Tami

  6. Love the socks, the baby sweater and the once-again-appreciated candlesticks. I always wonder what causes a thing to be cast aside too... though lately I'm thinking I need to give some serious consideration to casting some things aside myself. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  7. Love them! Candle holders are a fav in our home, we just found a brass one at my mother in laws and it has a new home on our dinner table.

  8. what a neat set! and a great price too. Sometimes I feel naughty when it syncs up like that. But then I remember they are willing to give up a killer item. I don't question I just pay them their money and try not to act too suspicious ;)

  9. beautiful.
    you never know why things are given up.
    I always guess a lot of it is just estates that have been taken apart.
    loads of stuff going to the thrift and no one even really noticing the value.
    I guess they were meant for YOU.

  10. Very pretty! I love guessing the back story to thrift finds and those make me dream up some fun stories! Glad you are treasuring them!

  11. So lovely! Your hubby has a good eye for a treasure and a deal. ;)

  12. gorgeous. I have other people's trash in my house too. I love it and I love knowing that we are saving things from being lost in a landfill forever :). Happy to be back here visiting Karen, I've missed being here!!!


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