Finding a Treasure and a Memory

My find this week is the lovely blue and brown vase.  I love it!!  I paid a whopping .99 cents and it was worth every single penny.  Love finding thrifty finds?  Then check out Lady Cordelia and see what others have unearthed.

I had to show you the most GLORIOUS sunrise this very morning.  Yep.  I grabbed the camera when I took Frodo outside to get the paper.  Let me tell you, photographing, holding the paper and the leash is getting to be a skill I have honed.

I was thinking about why I love mornings so much.  To me they are full of a day's hope.  I have the many hours ahead of me to accomplish what I want to get done.  I am quite scheduled in my life, always have been.  I need a plan, I want a plan.  So every morning I grab a cup of coffee and write my list for the day.  With the kids away at universities my list is quite short and simple.  I'm enjoying that immensely!

I've always been a morning person. As a kid, I remember getting up around five a.m. when visiting my grandparents so I could catch a snuggle from my gram.  I would sit quietly and just be with her.  I also played a game of sneaking drinks of her coffee without her knowing.  As an adult, I realize that she pretended to be shocked and surprised that her coffee was gone :)  How sweet!

My gram was the queen of thriftiness.  She shopped at thrift stores, many times I was her side-kick.  I went straight to the party gowns!  No matter what I found, she would buy it for me.....I loved that.  Later in the evening I would play dress-up and twirl around and around in my "dance" clothes.

So are any of you morning people?  And who was your "thrifty" influence?


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. I don't know what happened but just recently I've been noticing the light more and more. I'm the same way with my schedules of the day. As long as I have one each day everything is saner. I'm not a morning person per se but ever since having Ree I've tried making myself one. Just so I can be up and have my schedule figured out and my coffee and a few minutes of Mommy time before she wakes in the morning! Plus there's beautiful light early :-)

  2. That vase is beautiful! A very good find indeed! I love your morning pictures too :) What a refreshing way to start the day! The second I saw these pictures I knew I was looking at PA, my parents live there and there is something about the way the trees grow and how the light filters through that is ingrained in my memory. Have a lovely day!

  3. What a fantastic find!! I love pottery. And brown and blue - love that color combination.

    I love getting up early in the summer - when the house is quiet, having my coffee outside on the deck, watching the sunrise and listening to my chickens and the birds wake up.

  4. Love the vase! Very cool find. I'm not much of a morning person anymore. I used to be, but I worked in a bar in college and never quite got it turned back around. I'm still trying. The sunrise would be one reason to try. Just beautiful!

  5. That is one pretty vase Karen!
    I was never a morning person, staying up half the night then sleeping till noon was how I 'rolled'. Then I had children! Now I am usually up at 3 or 4 and in bed by 10 at night!

  6. What a sweet vase, but even sweeter memories!

  7. Awesome vase, I love the colors. I am a morning person, I enjoy the feel of it, the promise as you say. What wonderful memories of your grandmother!

  8. Ha, my kids MADE me a morning person, but it's definitely not my nature. Coffee helps.

    I'm dying to do more thrifting this year, but need to get the budget right first.

  9. Your grandma experience sounds much like mine. She had twinkly mischief in her eyes that just delighted in her grands. She was a thrift-er and there was a shop that was a not too long walk from where we lived (she being just two blocks from us).

    Thanks for the memory, Debbie

  10. I don't know if I have a thrifty influence. My gramma kept things instead of buying them... Your sunrise is beautiful. I don't remember the last time I was up early enough to see the sun get up! I love your vase. Really stunning find, friend!

  11. I love mornings, even though I have a hard time getting up for them. :) I love their cool stillness.

    My grandma was a morning person too--always the first one up. I remember the sound of her slippers on the wood floors at my grandparents' house in the woods. She amassed a large collection of antique Fiestaware that my mother grew up eating off of, and which I will inherit someday. I remember going thrifting with her and my mother once and coming back with a hand-wound music box that now sits on a shelf in our bedroom.

  12. great post. I love the sweet little vase. turquoise and brown together is a fave of mine.
    And i'm with you on the mornings....I always have so much bright hope and things planned and then, suddenly, afternoon is here.

  13. i'm definitely a night owl but i have trained myself to be a morning person now that i'm a mama...i need all those hours in the day to get things done and i like a few minutes of peace and quiet before everyone is awake :)

  14. I am a former morning person, done in by the "mother's curse" wishing me morning children ;-) I hope that once we're sleeping better at night (and later than 5:30 in the morning) I'll be able to consider myself a morning person again. I miss the solitude of early morning.
    Your found vase is beautiful!

  15. I try to be a morning person and I do enjoy it when I can get up extra early. However, I am by nature a night owl.
    Love your find! Only 99 cents?! Wow.

  16. Lovely vase and garden! All those trees with the sun peeking through :) Having space outside and watching the sunrise is precious x

  17. Love the vase, and your pictures are lovely!

    Morning person here until I had a little one who likes to sleep in cuddled with his mama. I have recently been able to sneak out of bed and am loving the little bit of early morning time I am getting again.

  18. Definitely a morning person. Up by 4:50 everymorning. Lifetime habit I guess.

    I love that you enjoyed your time with your grandmother, Karen. I hope to leave a few of those kind of memories with my grandchildren. I hardly knew my grandparents at all. Sweet memories.

    Have a great weekend. blessings ~ tanna

  19. The vase is so very pretty. I love finding treasures like that and I love when you share a little bit of what makes the process special for you. I would say my maternal grandmother is my thrifting inspiration. She didn't always thrift, but she was always looking for a deal.

  20. I am not an early riser. Thrift grandmother was thrifty too, but I think I think my love of thrifting came from my own interest when I visited many tag/yard/rummage sales early on in married life. Saturdays, a good map, a cup of coffee and the classifieds!


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