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I thought you all would love to have a quick peek at my rotting tree stump.  It is slowly being taken over by some interesting fungi and lichen.  It looks beautiful when it's rainy or misty outside, nearly iridescent.  Today it's sunny outside and looks like it will dry up after the past two wet days.

Yesterday was stressful and I'm so glad it is done.  Today I see that it was not that big of a stress but while I am in the midst of living it, my mind blows every detail way out of proportion.  Car trouble?  Big deal.  Renting a van for retrieving the kids. So what.  It was not life threatening, but my response was disproportionate to the stress.

That is one aspect of my personality I would like to change or accept.  I've always been like that.  I would like to think I'm getting better at it but truthfully I think I'm the same.  What is different is that I can say affirmations in my head that slightly calms me down.  ("this is not a big deal")

I did pick up my knitting and I did calm down.  Today is a brand new day.  I wrote my list.  I will be returning a rental and picking up a fixed SUV not to mention other little errands.  The kids are home and now my summer begins with having a full house :)

How do you handle stress?


  1. Oh yes that is EXACTLY how I handle it. Make myself sick to my stomach; blow it up bigger then it actually is. And then look back on it and think "oh that wasn't so bad WHY did I act like that?" I do have to say that since having Ree I keep the "freaking out" inside more then out so as not to worry her. And a huge help is my husband who is so very patient and calm and manages to calm me a bit. But I still respond like it's the end of the world!

  2. I don't always handle it well at all. I know I need to work on it, but it's not easy, is it?? And like you, I usually look back on it like "it wasn't that bad." Oh well, you have to live and learn.

  3. i think stress has a way of throwing us all off our game. glad things are calmer and the kids are home!

  4. I think as family "fixers" we moms sometimes get out of sorts when there is something out of our control that we can't "fix". And, if you are like me---I want things FIXED r-i-g-h-t NOW! Phew. Car problem fixed. Life can move on. I so hear you!!!!!
    Glad the family is all together once again....let the fun begin!

  5. well, it's good that your mental affirmations work. i tend to forget them when i'm stressed. i have to admit, i don't handle stress very well. i write lists, yes. and i found out i feel less stressed when i get a very early start in the morning. i'm still working on this one. it's so hard, and it won't get easier with a baby around...

  6. I freak out at first and then listen to my wise even keeled husband. I hate car issues, but am glad you will have a fixed vehicle and that you have your children home.

  7. I don't 'do' stress well at all! I keep a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy close at hand at all times and I pray!

  8. I used to freak out, but now I'm the calm one. Which my Mom, Dad and sister find very amusing...that and I've developed patience. The thing I try to keep in my mind to reduce stress is this - Is it going to matter in five days...or five minutes. That has a tendency to put everything in perspective for me. Enjoy your full house :)

  9. I'm with you, girl!! I keep working on it, too. ONE DAY, I'll be the calm one... just not there yet. LOL! Hope you have a stress-free day today!! blessings ~ tanna

  10. oh, i love shelf fungi!
    and i completely identify with the stress thing and blowing things out of proportion while in the midst {it all seems so much bigger then}. during the past two years i've established a pretty regular {but very simple} breathing/yoga practice in my mornings. it's amazing the peace that has brought to my life. things that used to rattle me don't rattle me nearly as much {the rattlings still occur sometimes, mind you ;) }. but that regular practice helps so very much...

  11. Lavender and Rescue Remedy - that is how I do stress :) I think stress has a way of getting us all.

    Glad the kids are home, enjoy!

  12. I handle it badly. I'm taking notes from your kind posters :-)


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