A Tale of Woe

I was going to name this post "A Tail of Woe" but my daughter who reads this blog would just groan.  So I didn't-but I mentioned it so it exists.  Life has been quite exciting for us the past two days.  Especially for Frodo.  You remember last year on how Frodo was escaping the compound .  I am happy to say that we have successfully kept him safely inside the fenced in back yard.

Frodo loves to patrol, it is one of his traits as well as hunt vermin, that's what terriers do.  So every day he looks out those tiny diamond fence holes seeking a rabbit.  When he spots one, he barks like mad.  We then pick him up and take him inside for a while.  It's been on going and slightly annoying.  But he's inside right?

Well.....two days ago, I went to check on him outside and I saw him with a very floppy rabbit in his mouth.  It was not full grown and I was pretty sure it was not alive.  I skillfully had Frodo inside the house and the poor little rabbit outside for my son to move when he returned from classes. I was too sad to look.

Yesterday, while Frodo was out, I heard squealing and yes, he caught another one!  This time the rabbit was saved by us, he lives :)  I felt so happy!!  Later that day, my husband boarded up the fence behind our little flower bed where they might be coming in.  He also cleaned up the flower bed which was mainly lemon balm gone wild.

See how sad the gnome is?  He is hanging his head in shame.....We have our fingers crossed that Frodo's playmates will chose another place to linger.  Fingers are crossed.  Oh Frodo....your adventures are endless!


  1. LOL, Frodo is such a cutie! love reading about is adventures!

  2. Just doing his "job"mom !!! Glad you were able to rescue Peter !

  3. I'm sure Frodo can't believe his luck! Two silly bunnies crossing into his well patrolled territory! Jacinta

  4. Not the brightest bunnies. I agree that Frodo must have been so excited and amazed at his luck.

  5. Two bunnies, lucky little Frodo :) Our dog Shelby catches them too and chipmunks - I know she just wants to play but she ends up killing them too :(

  6. Our outside dog, Pork, does the samething, not what I like finding first thing in the morning.
    I love Frodo's little face, he really is just too cute!

  7. Oh my goodness, I'm afraid I have to brush this tale aside to say, Tracey, a dog called Pork? A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  8. Great story. Glad you were able to save at least one bunny. Frodo is great name!

  9. Adventures of Frodo... should be a new weekly post. ;) Love the gnome!

  10. aw, poor little bunnies!
    but Frodo must be so proud. He's guarding the home well!

  11. Oh Frodo would have a field day in our yard - we have lots and lots of rabbits. I keep thinking that our yard is like Mr McGregor's garden but without the veggies. (it's covered in clover - or should I say - it WAS covered in clover; now it's just brown grass)

  12. Bunnies are Wolfie's favorite wild animal, too. She infamously dug down many a rabbit hole for "snack bunnies" when my parents still lived in North Carolina.

    I hope the fence work will keep the bunnies out, and Frodo in!


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