Twenty Five

photo from May 2012 at the beach

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated twenty five years of marriage.  In the spirit of sharing parts of me, I have created a list of why and how we are married twenty five years successfully.

1.    We love each other
2.    We like each other
3.    We love to take aimless rides in the car together
4.    We value education at all levels
5.    If I've read a great classic he has seen the movie version
6.    I am terrible at directions for cities, malls you name it-he knows where to go
7.    I am the person that sits on the beach with the belongings, he is the one to swim with the kids
8.    He is excellent with children's injuries, checking wounds, deciding if stitches are needed
9.    I am very good with stomach bugs (a skill he does not have)
10.  We frequently say the same thing at the same time about weird stuff
11.  We both do not liked to be teased too much
12.  At amusement parks he rides all the up and down ones, I do the spinning ones.
13.  When the kids were in school he did all the late night pickups, I did all the morning drop offs.
14.  We love to save money
15.  I love to talk and he is a willing listener (after coffee of course)
16.  Family is important to both of us
17.  We rarely worry about the same stuff
18.  He likes to be alone but he can be alone with me
19.  He recognizes people but I remember their names and where we met them
20.  We are best friends
21.  He was the good cop I was the bad cop but sometimes we switched it up to keep the kids guessing
22.  We went to all the band/concert performances together for the kids
23.  We joke around a lot and laugh every day
24.  He loves hand knitted socks, I like making them!
25.  We cannot imagine being with anyone else :)


  1. Wonderful! Congratulations to you both. I recognize many things in your list that I hold dear in my marriage. :)

  2. That is a beautiful list Karen. Congratulations to you and your best friend on 25 years of marriage.

  3. Beautiful! I recognize a lot of those qualities in my own marriage. I am so lucky to say that I married my best friend! I hope you two had a wonderful day yesterday!!

  4. Happy anniversary to you both! (:

  5. So sweet! Number 5 made me laugh out loud :) What an incredible example you are to your children and all who know you! Congrats on 25 wonderful years!

  6. So beautiful! Congratulations on 25 years! It amazes me that so many people don't reach this mile stone. One thing you left out - Obviously, you both know how to compromise when you need to do so. But we both know it's all about those socks :)

  7. Congratulations! What a beautiful example. Here's to the next 25 years together! :)

  8. Congrats!!!!!! Have a wonderful anniversary! Tami

  9. Congratulations and happy anniversary! That is a wonderful list. :)

  10. Such a sweet list. I love hearing about successful marriages! Congratulations to the both of you! Happy anniversary!

  11. Congratulations and happy anniversary!!!

  12. You sound perfect for each other. Oh happy happy anniversary. I hope the next 25 years will be even better than the first.

  13. I love this list---(and most of it reflects PapaGeek and me (we just celebrated 41 years!!)--right down to the: he does the up and down coasters/ I do the round and round ones.) All 25 reasons are wonderful---but I think #1 and #2 are my favorites---and they must go together!!! Happy togetherness.

  14. Thanks for sharing your list. We've got a lot of those going as well. At leadt so far. Happy Anniversary!!!

  15. We have been married for 43 yrs and fit almost all of the things on the list. I wish another 25 plus years to you.

  16. Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like you two have got it figured out. Here's to another 25 years of fun, adventure, laughter and love.

  17. beautiful sentiments karen. i'm so happy you two have each other to love. great picture of your handsome man!

  18. Aww, how beautiful! Congratulations! What an achievement. It sounds like you balance each other and know yourselves and each other so well. Happy Anniversary. :)

  19. That is beautiful. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! May there be many more wonderful years ahead of you. Best of wishes to you both on your anniversary. Jacinta

  20. happy, happy anniversary!

    this is a beautiful list you've shared :)

  21. What a beautiful post.
    Happy Anniversary!

  22. What a GREAT list! It shows how much the two of you complement one another. Congratulations on your silver anniversary and best wishes for many, many more years to come!

  23. This is awesome. Congratulations!

  24. This is wonderful! Happy anniversary to you both!

  25. Warmest congratulations! I can't wait for Steve and I to make it to 25!


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