Fall List

What I love about fall:

-crisp cool morning air
-apple season
-shorter days, longer nights
-seeing my breath outside
-leaves in many colors falling
-first frost-goodbye ragweed :)
-hot tea (in a favorite mug)
-chili and cornbread
-woolen scarves
-woolen socks
-the silence of the woods
-baked chicken and mashed potatoes
-deer roaming through the yard and staying a bit
-anything orange
-being cold which is so much better than being hot
-Frodo wants to snuggle more
-winter squash eating (acorn squash the most)
-slipper wearing
-longer walks with beautiful scenery
-knitting with wool and feeling warm

What do you like about fall?


  1. Oh, I love all those things!

    And the smell of fires in the neighborhood fireplaces. George & I were just talking about on our after-dinner walk yesterday. I love that smell; for some reason it brings me back to New England at about age eight or nine. xo

  2. I would so much rather be cold than hot too. I am looking forward to butternut squash soup, it's on of my favorites. I think mostly I am looking forward to no more bugs, they have been really bad this year.
    Have a great weekend Karen.

  3. Yes! I love all that. And the crisp smell in the air. And wood smoke. And yummy baked goods.
    And being cold is SO much better than hot. So much easier to get comfortable.

  4. I love all these things! Especially it being cool enough for sweaters & jeans. And the leaves changing colors. And the mums coming out. And pumpkins. What do you do with the acorn squash? I've never bought it because I don't know how to cook it!

    1. I gingerly cut it in half and scoop out the seeds. Then I place them both cut side down in a pyrex baking dish and fill will about 1/2 inch of water. You can either bake until you can stick a fork easily in or you can microwave.

      I like to smother half with butter and sometimes sprinkle some brown sugar.....yum!!!!

    2. Thank you for letting me know! It sounds delicious!! I will be picking one up next time at the grocery store to try!

  5. all the above----and no mosquitoes!!!!
    have a great weekend!

  6. Great list...we haven't had the first frost yet...ugh ragweed! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Hot cocoa, jeans, and everything you said! Have a great weekend!

  8. Love your list. Most of those are favorites of mine as well! I love fall!!

  9. a delightful list, karen!
    {i love pretty much everything you've listed!!!}

  10. wow. first of all: LOVE your new look! And I also enjoyed your list very much. I just moved from 108 degrees and it's been so much milder here. I thought the hot didn't bother me until I had to live in it. I don't think I"ll be complaining about the foggy cold this Fall and Winter.

  11. I love your list, so many great things about autumn!! I just got all the wollies out, finally.
    I can't wait for the first pumpkin pie. I've been looking forward to it for months! We usually make it with our Halloween pumpkin, but this year I might just have to make it earlier, while we still have time! ;)

  12. I LOVE your new photos! So beautiful. The nest is darling:) What I love most about fall are the quiet days, the nesting and bundling...I love the anticipation of the small seed dormant, the onset of winter and the quiet nature of growth underneath. It is such a fertile time for imagination and creativity! And I love all the things you listed too! XO

  13. all of yours, plus, warm Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream, HS Football and Band competitions, decorating for "Falloween", and any winter knitting items...hats, mitts, sweaters....an extra quilt or 2 on the bed. Making a new quilt... Comfort food.....

  14. Great list! So many of those things I love too!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Autumn/fall is such a beautiful season isn't it. I love the change of colours and the shorter days (I get more sleep!). I love being able to rug up a little more. The first fire being lit in our open fireplace is always a treat too. Happy weekend! Jacinta

  16. What a wonderful list! Add crumble to it please!

    Have a beautiful week and I love your autumnal banner.


  17. ooh, I feel all autumnal now (being in the UK, it will always be autumn to me! Besides, I can't say I feel fallal can I? Fallish? Hmm)

    I love:

    walking through crunchy fallen leaves
    warm socks
    wearing my huge pashmina collection again! I love me a scarf
    hot chocolate with marshmallows
    cherry brandy on a chilly evening
    planning Christmas
    fireworks and bonfire on November 5th

  18. I love my fall memories of fresh pears and the smell of brewing cider. Yum.

  19. Pretty much all that you've mentioned (except pumpkin, although it is an excellent color). Our Newfie is loving the colder nights.

  20. love your new banner! and your list too!

    so chili...are you a meat chili person? meat and beans? enquiring minds and all ;-)

  21. These surely are the best things about fall. Love all of them. And your new banner too!

  22. Great list! I enjoy the sounds of leaves when you walk through and over them, plus he smell of wood burning in the cool air.


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