Fiber Festival

On Saturday, I was at the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival and it was nice to see more vendors than last year when we had record flooding that damaged roads and towns.  This year it seemed to have more spinning fiber than hanks of wool to knit.  But maybe that was just me.  I really was hoping to find some hand crafted buttons and I did not find any that caught my fancy.

I loved being with my knitting friends and perusing the displays.  It was also nice to see knitters wearing their hand knits proudly.  Sadly I did not.  I was afraid I would get too hot (not fun).

These two little fellas were moaning the entire time because they were stressed out by the people visiting.  I apologized to them and then snapped a photo.  May they forgive me.

I would buy a wheel only to decorate my home.  Would you believe I still have no interest in spinning? I know!  Surprise surprise.  But my gram always said "never say never".  So there is the slightest of chances I might change my mind.

While walking around you cannot help but feel the fiber as you drift past.  Isn't it fluffy and lovely?

I just love how this merchant displayed all of her goods.  I could stare at this all day long.  I did buy a skein from her, how could I possibly resist?

What I cannot show you on this post are the scents that go with the festival-fiber, sheep, alpaca, hay, food stands (only two but still), damp wood and of course cut grass all mingled together.  I loved it!!


  1. Oh! The envy! The envy! Some day I *will* make it to a fiber festival. (:

  2. Now that to me is a dream weekend!

    What kind of buttons Karen are you looking for?
    I am having the best time making buttons and
    if you let me know size, amount and material I
    would be more than happy to make you some, honest!

  3. Oooh, a day a fiber goodness! Sounds wonderful! And I do love the way that vendor displayed his/her wares ~ don't the colors just reach out and say, 'buy me, buy me'! Love color and fibers :)

    Enjoying cool temps this week? We are in the low 70's ~ yippppeeeee!!!

  4. lovely photos! Our local festival, flock and fiber, is just around the corner!

  5. I love fiber festivals. I bought the most beautiful skein of undyed bulky yarn last year and made a hat for myself. I am glad that you had a wonderful time. Blessings.

  6. Absolute heaven! I will be going to SAFF in October and I can't wait! You're Grandmother is right, never say never. I "never" thought I'd want to spin, but I have missed it terribly since I broke my treadle foot. I finally got the go ahead to start back...hope I remember how!

  7. I have never been to a fiber festival. I'd be scared I think to go. I might over do it!

  8. I have a friend who would just *love* this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. what a fun get-away!!! I'm with you on the spinning thing----every once in a while, I get out my spindle just to convince myself that I really don't find this fun! (And I'm the same way with weaving---although I did take a class/ buy a schacht/sold it/and decided that if someone would warp the loom for me, I MIGHT weave---that warping is a real drag.)

  10. Oh how fun! I have to make it to one of these things!

  11. So much fun!! I am going to have to do a little search and see if we have a fiber festival around here.

  12. I can smell it now :) What a lovely little show! And that last booth was gorgeous! It's amazing what the right set up can do for sales! :)

  13. oh how i would love this, i've never been to a fiber festival. i'm a bit like you karen, i think i would love to spin, but i just want to knit! i think if the roving were personal, local, it would feel differently.

  14. I love this time of year and Fiber Festivals are the cherry on top!
    Looks like a lovely Festival thanks for sharing the photos.
    I am looking forward to our Flock and Fiber Festival in two weeks! Yay! I so want to touch all the fiber in your pictures.
    Last year I went to our local festival with a friend with out bringing my kids and felt a little guilty leaving them home when I visited the animal barn, but I think I enjoy the animals more than they do anyway.

  15. I'm jealous! we have several annual fiber festivals around here but i've yet to go. One was just last weekend and I didn't make it...just wasn't in the cards. SOMEDAY!!

    I hear you on the spinning. I don't know that I really have the desire either. I did use to have a drop spindle when I was little though, and I enjoyed that, but it was portable and could come with me in the car etc. I tend to lean towards travel friendly hobbies...spinning? Not so much.

    The colours of that wool in the last photo are like candy!

  16. Wow! This looks like such a wonderful way to spend a day:) I love holding new beautiful yarns in my hands and watching some of my dearest friends turn them into the most beautiful pieces of art....knitters rock. XO

  17. There is nothing cooler than buying yarn from the artisan who dyed and spun it. It's such a great way to connect with other creative people who make beautiful things!


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