A Peak in Color

I have been noticing that each year when the leaves change they are not always the same color and definitely not the same time.  These two photos were taken only a week apart and they are of my back yard.  As you can see the trees are nearly done and the wild bushes are not the golden yellow they were last year.  Red foliage seems to be scarce this fall so far but we still have a few more weeks, my fingers are crossed!

I met a friend for lunch yesterday and the drive to and from the neighboring town was just picture perfect.  I wish there was a way to drive and take photographs at the same time safely.  Someone should invent that.  Or maybe I just need to be the passenger :)  I drove through rolling countryside and passed many farms as well as a Christmas Tree Farm.  The journey was just as nice as the lunch visit.  Of course there was knitting involved as well.

Would you believe I had ten rows into a cowl that had 264 stitches and then noticed that the cast on was twisted :/  Seriously, I checked it more than once and who knows how I made that error.  So I ripped it out and started over again.  This time around I checked four times.  

I would love to make a shawl for my aunt for Christmas.  Still debating what yarn to use.  I am resisting buying more since I have a mini yarn store in my house.  I unearthed a sock yarn that I am confident that she would love the colors, I just need to investigate the colorway and make sure it's not overly stripey.

Why is it that July and August go so painfully slow for me and yet in a blink of an eye October is nearing its end?  October should be 60 days long and the summer months should only be 15 days long each then it would balance out in my head.  But where would the fun be in that?    


  1. I agree! October should be 60 days long! Lets petition for that ;) We are noticing the colors of our fall foliage are not as brilliant as they were this year. Hmmmm.....None the less I'm still soaking it all in a trying to hold tight to these last days of October!

  2. Oh, yes---let's take a vote on a 60-day October!!!!! Count me in!!!!!! (My photography professor showed us quite a few of his car photo shots.....I think it's....set the camera to auto and just randomly shoot and see what you get. I did a little of that on our way to Squam and the friend I was traveling with almost had a heart attack!!!!!)

  3. I would love a longer fall. Now if it would just cool off around here a tad more. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a mini yarn store. You do know that if the yarn is for a gift, it doesn't count as stash.....just saying.

  4. I agree October goes too fast! But then again, right now everything goes too fast for me with these babes growing like weeds around here :) I'm sorry to hear about te twist! That is so frustrating. I hope it goes smoothly and quickly this time.

  5. I would just like for fall to arrive here! No really, things are finally changing in the south, the leaves, the marsh grass and now I can walk outside and my hair doesn't grow ten feet!
    I feel your pain for the twisted cowl. I did the same thing last year and I swear I keep checking to make sure I didn't twist. Seriously? I think there are knitting fairies with a warped sense of humor.

  6. I wonder if it's because the night are darker like over here in the uk so we seem to do a little less in the evenings. October is one of the prettiest months. Your garden look so lovely. I noticed our leaves are turning so much later than usual.

    Your lunch trip sounded lovely. I know I want to photograph everything too. Occasionally I do just stop the car to do so.
    Hope the rest of the week is as good.

  7. Our leaves here in Colorado were not as spectacular as they have been in past years. According to the experts it was because of the drought. I agree that October should be longer. It is my favorite time of year.

  8. It seems like fall just got here! A friend told me she saw a snowflake on the Halloween forecast for us. No fair!!!

  9. I know exactly how it feels to realize your cast on stitches are twisted. At least it was still in the beginning. Sounds like your drive and visit were perfect. Sometimes I take pictures while driving, mainly when the car is stopped. I agree that October should be longer....I'm not ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas at all.

  10. oh i'm with you on the changing of the calendar karen! i too recently slipped up on the round of a vest. couldn't believe it as i double checked too. agh.. we always will have challenges for patience with knitting. your trees look beautiful. i think you should take a ride this weekend with your husband so you can show us more!

  11. Okay, we all agree, October is now 60 days!!! Yay!!!! Sorry about the cowl, but glad to hear you had a lovely drive and a nice lunch.

  12. Oh my goodness - I think I would cry about that cast-on. I think I might cry anyway, and it isn't even my knitting!
    I absolutely agree with you about the relative length of summer and October. As far as I'm concerned summer can be exactly as long as my visit to my parents' house, and then I'd like fall to kick in, and stay a while, please. The weather here has been so strange, though - last Friday we bundled up for a trip to the park and when we got there the kids ended up running around in T-shirts and bare feet! xo

  13. Beautiful trees surrounding your yard! And I'm glad to hear that even an experienced knitter can twist a cast-on and not notice. ; )

  14. I know what you mean - October has just disappeared before my very eyes! I can't believe it's almost Christmas....
    I need more days to complete my projects! :)
    Ronnie xo


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