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On Monday we took our company to a local brewery for a free tour of their facility!  Yuengling Brewery is the oldest brewery in America and it is still family owned.  I found it interesting that the family cannot inherit the business but that the interested family member has to purchase the business, I guess this protects the business from being neglected.  We always take care of what we pay for, usually.

How about that electrical doodad?  My photos of the caves, which were created during prohibition for storing and hiding beer did not come out because I rarely photo in the dark.  Seems that I need to fiddle about with my camera at night to become proficient at night time photography.

We really enjoyed the tour, the tour guide was quite knowledgeable and kept the tour interesting.  Of course at the end each person was permitted to taste two different beers.

I loved the smell of the brewery it was a combination of damp, mold, cold, and beer!  Unfortunately, I am unable to sample beers because of all of my arthritis meds but I did sample some birch beer (tasted like cream soda pop!!).

We took the scenic drive to this brewery and the landscape was gorgeous.  We made our way through twisty turny roads and I did manage to knit-however I did it gingerly.  I was knitting on double pointed needles and I thought one wrong move and I would be impaled by a stray needle.  So sobering a thought.

Remember when I mentioned that I would like to "vacation" closer to home.  This tour was on the list and now I can cross it off!


  1. We just got Yeungling in Ohio this year...husband gives two thumbs up! The brewery photos made me think of the opening of Laverne and Shirley, lol. I bet it was fun!

  2. What a great staycation site!

  3. My husband would LOVE to tour the brewery. When he has time, he makes his own beer.

  4. I had never heard of Yuengling until recently—maybe within the last 5 or 10 years or so?—and I was surprised when I ever heard it was the oldest brewery in America. Seems like they kept themselves local for a very long time, no? I remember looking for it in New England for my sister's college graduation party & we couldn't find it because it wasn't sold there!

    I agree with Shannon—those last two pictures especially remind me of Laverne & Shirley! xo

    1. I think this company has held out the longest by being bought out by bigger companies. That's how they became the oldest, a according to our guide :)

  5. I love birch beer :) There's a brewery near my parents and we did the tour there years ago (my brother worked there at the time so it was extra neat to see him at work.) It's really expanded in the last few years and I bet it's even more interesting now.

  6. I've never been much for beer...but birch beer is something else! YUM!!! What a fun stay-at-home vacation!!! (Those night/dark shots have been alluding me, too----I just had some not-great attempts at night ones. :( )

  7. How fun! I hope when I finally make it up there to see you we can visit there too.

  8. i remember drinking that beer last time i visited my mom in pitt - quite delicious!

  9. We went to the brewey branch in Tampa several years ago. We were to late for a tour but wr sampled. You can't get the beer out West but I "imported" dome for hubby to try.

  10. What a fun trip! That brewery is one of our favorites!

  11. Karen - I discovered their Black and Tan last summer when I was in the Adirondack mountains and I LOVE IT!! you can't get it out here...probably a good thing since it's one of my favorites!

  12. What a cool tour! I had no idea that was the oldest brewery.

  13. Now THAT is a tour I could get into.
    Especially the getting to taste the beers at the end. ; )


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