My Easter weekend was filled with:

-travels and traffic jams
-family visiting-lots of them
-a sister outing including lunch and shopping
-car knitting (the endless lace edging bind off of this project)
-75% done with that bind off!!!
-potato salad, tossed salad, green beans, asparagus, deviled eggs, olives, turkey, shrimp, cole slaw
-almond cake, lamb cake that was mostly icing!, krispy squares, chocolate and jelly beans
-laughing, talking, sharing, enjoying, and being in the moment
-Easter vigil Mass
-sunshine on Saturday and rain on Sunday

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. oh wow! lots of eating this weekend and plenty of sweet treats, eh? sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Look at that little lamb! So sweet! What a wonderful weekend, minus those traffic jams :)

  3. Sounds lovely. I so miss the Vigil Mass - I can't wait until the kidlets are big enough to go (or we have a good babysitter!)

  4. your lamb cake is amazing........I like just a little cake with my icing! sounds perfect!

  5. I think that is the cutest cake I have ever seen! Bravo!

  6. So cute, little lamb. Must have been hard cutting that cake up ~ so much work! Sounds like a find weekend with lots of delicious food and family! Have a good week...fingers crossed for sunny days ;)

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, busy but full of good things :)

  8. What a wonderful weekend! I love the cute, cute cake! Happy April!

  9. Did you make the little lamb cake? It is adorable! We've had way to much good food, but it was a great weekend.

  10. Sounds awesome! What a cake, too. But I agree cutting it up would be hard. A lamb head on my plate would make me cry. ; )

  11. Adorable cake! Sounds like a wonderful Easter!

  12. Wow that cake is amazing and the salads sound lovely. I'm really back in salad mode at the moment now the sun has actually started peeping out from behind the clouds. This sounds like a wonderful weekend.


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