Randomness of the Week

Look who I was able to finally photograph!  Shortly after stopping the car, grabbing my phone to capture him, I saw another heron fly to be with him.  The romantic in me likes to believe they're a couple.  Watching them fly is like watching dinosaurs fly-the wing span is incredible! Oh how I wish I had my big camera, one day I will.

I woke up this morning having computer issues and so my long post is going to be a short post.  Our perfect weather moved to slightly imperfect-it's been muggy and warm, that combination puts me in a cranky mood.  But there's hope in that the forecast looks chilly once the weekend is over.  And we need rain terribly.  So I'll try to be patient, really I will.

Have I ever told you about my love of Brussel sprouts?  Well now I did, they are nature's candy in vegetable form.  I bought some at the farmer's market this week and they were delicious just simply steamed, with butter of course. They will never replace green beans that are dear to my heart but it's competitive.

Have a good weekend :)


  1. That's a great picture. I've never been able to get a good picture of a bird. I love Brussels Sprouts, too. I usually get the frozen ones.

  2. OK, that does it. We were separated at birth. I think you can count the people who LOVE brussel sprouts on one hand---looks like Deborah is with us!!! My favorite way is sliced thinly and sauted in olive oil...maybe with onions, bacon, whatever is hanging out in the fridge. LOVE them--and the best part is, when I make them, they are all mine. Hubby thinks they are gross.

  3. I"m so glad to know that I'm not the only person on earth who loves Brussels sprouts! (Now I want some ...)

  4. I'm romantic enough to think the herons are a couple and, to my mind, they are majestic and elegant, too. We still have green beans from our garden (the plants froze this weekend but we harvested first) and we're hoping the Brussels sprouts will not freeze tonight, so we can harvest them later this fall. fingers crossed

  5. Mmmm, Brussel sprounts--I love them, too. Great shot of the heron. There are a couple at our local pond, and they always impress me with their size and grace. They do look like dinosaurs. Have a nice weekend, Karen. : )

  6. GROSS!! I have such horrible memories of my mother making me eat brussel sprouts with vinegar, one night I sat at the table until bedtime because I wouldn't eat them!!

    But the herons, oh how I love them. We see a lot here, one even flew over the house the other day. At the creek in town you can usually see four or five, but I've never tried to photograph them, maybe I will try this weekend.

    Happy weekend friend! Hope your cool weather returns!

  7. I love Brussel sprouts too, although as a kid I hated them! I love them sauteed in butter and stock! Yum!!

  8. Isn't that a pretty picture. Brussel sprouts are not my favorite although my hubby has a great recipe for them that involves bacon. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. Great shot! We love Brussel sprouts too, we finely chop them and then saute in coconut oil and garlic...yum!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. What a lovely picture!!!! Glad you captured him with your lens!
    MMM I love sprouts too cut in half and friend in a touch of butter

  11. I understand the humid and warm creating cranky...and we had a LOT of those days here this summer. I'm grateful for the cooler temps or lack of humidity...whichever one wants to give in is fine with me! ;-) Brussel sprouts are great...along with avocado, artichokes, asparagus and green beans!

    I hope your computer problems get resolved...I'd certainly miss you if it turns out to be anything serious.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen!

  12. My brother will never forgive my brother for serving him brussell sprouts for dinner on his birthday - he hates them with passion, where as I'm with you and enjoy their flavour.
    Have you made a new header or am I just slow to notice?.. I like it anyway , looks nice and fresh. Makes me think I should up date my look!


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