My weekend:

-found me rearranging, frantically, my son's travel day to avoid the snow storm
-sitting inside watching the snow fall all day Saturday
-starting the baking, it's official Christmas can arrive now
-wrapping presents while listening to holiday music
-welcoming home one child and preparing another trip for the other one
-knitting on small projects while thinking of possible large projects-soon!

How was your weekend?

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  1. lucky you, it looks like you'll have a white Christmas. We keep getting snow forecast but it still hasn't arrived. It's very mild and breezy. I baked our Christmas cake a couple of weeks ago, which wasn't a good idea for us. We've eaten it already, so I'm going to have to make another one. It sounds like you had a great weekend, anticipating everyone coming soon.
    Ours was busy too but time for some fun.

  2. YIKES! We practically had the same weekend! (the baking, wrapping and listening, and knitting smalls--dreaming big part, anyway!)

  3. Sounds like a good and busy weekend. :-)

  4. The snow put a wrinkle in my weekend too. I was hoping to bake but my daughter and her friends did some for me (which I am thankful for). I probably won't even get to that until this coming weekend.

  5. my weekend was hectic and fun. Sounds like you are ready for the holiday!

  6. it is so wonderful as the holidays get closer, so much to do. <3
    have a great week.

  7. Friday: Hobbit movie with the family
    Saturday: gift making with the daughter & then dinner and Home Alone with dear friends
    Sunday: worship & a late lunch at home

    Enjoy your snow and your kiddos! Happy Christmas!!

  8. We did a lot of snow watching this weekend too... I hope everyone arrived safely!

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend Karen :o)

  10. Oh! Your children will be home soon - I know you must be looking forward to it :)

  11. Wasn't the snow lovely, we certainly enjoyed it! Enjoy having your kids home :)

  12. Sounds like your holiday season is about to get busy! Enjoy have the kids home.

  13. So jealous of the snow! It is 80 degrees here and feels like spring!


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