Kids' Knitting Workshop: Book Review

I received this book to review and thought I would share my thoughts with you.  Kids' Knitting Workshop by Susan B. Anderson is a comprehensive book on how to teach children to knit.

"Knitting is for everyone! It really is a craft that boys, girls, kids, teens, and adults of all ages can enjoy.  Most kids naturally love making things, so knitting often resonates with them in a big way.  Anyone and everyone can learn to knit--all you need are a few simple skills, knitting needles, and yarn, and away you go!"  
                                                                                                      -Susan B. Anderson

I love this quote, I am a firm believer in everyone knitting and I'm sure you are as well :)  Anyways, back to the book.

The book has a clear and defined introduction and a comprehensive overview of learning how to knit.  The targeted age is 8-12 years old. I would use this book for any age because the diagrams and the step by step instructions are easy to follow. The beginner projects are knit in the round and in stockinette stitch for instant gratification.  How nice to have a finished project after learning the knit stitch!

The lessons help children progress from beginning knitting through advanced knitting and teach among many things:

        -the knit and purl stitches
        -knitting in the round
        -knitting back and forth
        -binding on and off
        -joining different colors of yarns
        -cabling stitches
        -increasing and decreasing stitches

The photography is beautiful, the 17 projects are knit up in bright bold colors and look like fun to knit and progress in difficulty.  My favorite chapter is 'how to fix your mistakes'.  Oh my!  That is a must needed skill for a beginner of any age.

I have taught many children (and adults) how to knit over the years and this book would be a helpful tool for teaching and creating projects that children would love.  So if you have a chance, check out Susan B. Anderson's Kids' Knitting Workshop.


  1. Karen - It's so funny you reviewed this book as I've had it on my wish list to purchase for my daughter's tenth birthday next month.

  2. I have a niece who would love this book!

  3. I think I need to order this for Emerson :)

    1. I thought about E when I read it. She has your talent :)

  4. She is a darling and a great book writer. My girls are hot and cold with knitting which is fine.

    1. my daughter ran cold but knows how to knit, my son has knitting talent though.

  5. My daughter wants to learn to knit I may have to check this book out to help me help her!

  6. Miss C pretends to knit with pencils. She makes knots. It's fine and fun.

  7. It looks good (and sounds good - thank you!) I'm trying to teach our granddaughter to knit, but it isn't easy.

  8. Thanks for sharing Karen. Little man is working on this knitting skills, but I need some ideas for things for him to knit, just might check this book out.


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