Fall Knitting Plans and Creativity

This morning when I sat down to write this blog post a massive windows update took over and I was held hostage by technology for almost two hours.  Honestly, my impatience and anger almost got the better of me.  I did have a temper tantrum or two while waiting.  My negative thoughts crowded in as I wondered if this is the end of my PC?  Will this crash my computer??  Obviously all is well (I think).

Guess what?  The weather is changing over the weekend and once again my creative thoughts have flowed once more.  Even though the days are still hot, the heat doesn't feel the same.  We walk after dinner down our dirt road and the trees surround us and shade the pathway.  Sometimes I feel chilly! A soft breeze carries the scent of the evergreens. Oh, autumn you are simply the best.

I dug around my studio for some wool yarns two days ago and have some ideas of what I'll be knitting.  Since we are approaching holiday season, I cannot say exactly what specifically.  But I will share the knitting and where I'm going with my knits.  I have a scarf on the needles for my son.  I'm excited about that knit and how dead simple it is.  

I want to cast on some hats and mitts as well.

Oh and a cowl for me.  I became inspired by a fall jacket on display in a store in a mustard yellow.  The best color ever!  I have visions of a cream colored cowl doubled up around my neck with this jacket while wearing my boots.  The race is on to cast on and make this dream cowl before winter arrives.

For years I've realized that during the summer my knitting ebbs a tiny bit.  Having that flare up with RA didn't help any either.  I know though that this ebb, this pause in knitting, is temporary and transient.  Every year my knitting is slow in the summer as I feel a bit of knitting ennui.  Sometimes, I catch myself thinking "is this the beginning of being done with knitting shawls?"

And then the weather changes, I see new clothing pieces displayed in stores and like an expectant mother who nests for a newborn to be, I'm gathering ideas and concepts, rapidly recalling long ago yarn purchases that will flesh out a knitting wardrobe in time for those crisp chilly days.

Ravelry also makes these creative dreams come true.  How exciting to do a pattern search!

So for now I'll be finishing up this post.  Recovering from my windows update panic and go off to sit and sketch out some fall knitting ideas. I predict that grid paper and markers will be involved.

What are you knitting plans for the Autumn?


  1. These past couple cool nights and a cold front coming through tomorrow have me excited about knitting again instead of dreading the feel of wool in heat and humidity. My plans aren't extravagant (finish a Hitchhiker, some mitts, and a hat or two), but autumn is truly a knitter's season. Enjoy!

  2. shawls and socks...again I am going to try socks. I will find a good tutorial to help me with the heel this time before I give up! :) I totally understand the frustration with updates! {{{ugh}}}

  3. Those updates used to drive me crazy. It was one of the best things about switching to a Mac several years ago. They actually ask you if you want to do the update, so there are no nasty two hour surprises.

    As for gearing up for fall knitting, yes, this is the season of hopes and dreams for all knitters. And there's nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and perusing the patterns on Ravelry.

  4. Oh my, technology can be so frustrating sometimes, I have had quite the strop on occasion! All your knitting plans sound wonderful, Karen...enjoy! Oh and Happy Autumn/Fall to you xx

  5. It's coolest today and it was cool yesterday but summer weather doesn't care it's autumn because it will take us hostage this weekend with the 90's. Bleh. I love your ceramics! This is an interesting cowl and yarn.

  6. I hope you enjoy your new knitting plans with the change of weather! My plans are to finish three things I have on the go and then finish up a few more things I have on the go! xx

  7. I was able to wear a shawl this week and it has me ready to cast on a new something but I will resist since I have twon current projects that I am determined to complete.
    Love your decorations, especially the pottery!

  8. First of all I LOVE your sunflower header.
    Im so glad the knit mojo returned! Wheeeee.
    IM off to visit Rav myself in a few.
    Your pottery is lovely!

  9. On my old Mac I used Excel, on my new one I use Numbers and use the cell colors to chart out my color work, and use symbols to mark out my cables. A lot easier to "erase" mistakes on the computer! Cause I make a lot of them.

  10. I have a vision of throws and cushions but time will tell. I had a panic with the new windows updates that took place and took forever, I don't know why they can't just leave everything alone.

  11. I'm actually starting a linen top so that it will be ready for spring:) I'm starting to learn to prep for the next season of knit wear! -Sierra

  12. Do you do the pottery? I can't remember. I've been a couple weeks into a class. I took several weeks last fall and really liked it. Now I'm into week 3 of 6 or 7 and it makes you notice those things more than before. Nice stuff, regardless. Thanks for posting

    1. I do not do the pottery, I find them at thrift stores! I do love the idea of pottery though :)


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