Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
in the comment section with a link to your blog.

Another weekend here and then soon to be gone, was yours a good one?  Mine started off super relaxed and lazy.  I was unplugged (again) from news feeds and media and really it's been quite refreshing.

I restarted up my yoga practice yesterday morning after a six week hiatus due to some minor back issues.  I'm easing in with every other day and seeing how it goes.  I'm "hyper aware" and being cautious.  I need the yoga, my frantic knitting makes me kind of a crooked lady!!

not too sure about this book....I'm half way through and the characters are getting weird.

We didn't go anywhere except Saturday early evening Mass.  Have you been watching The Crown on Netflix, it's quite the visual delight.  I am hooked and I love that there is enough talking in the show so I can knit away happily.  Multitasking!!

my mom's embroidery stitching and my knits :)
 I'm getting a bit excited with my holiday knitting and wish I could show you all.  Hopefully soon, so instead, I went to my studio and snapped some photos to suffice until the big reveal.

My knitting buddies came over today, since I was hostess.  We had fun chatting and catching up with each other.  The next time we meet it's for our Christmas exchange which happens to be the best day ever.  Knitter's give fantastic gifts to other knitters.

cranberry nut bread and chocolate zucchini bread!

Looking forward to reading about your weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Knit get togethers are so much fun.

    You can read about my Saturday on my blog ......it was very jazzy!

  2. What a wonderful weekend. I think I need a little knitting gathering to happen soon...sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Have a great week Karen.

  3. Yay for unplugging and stepping away from the noise for a bit. That can be so rejuvenating.
    Love being able to get together and knit with friends. Looks like you all had a brilliant time.

  4. Unplugging has been a good thing lately. I've felt supported and uplifted in the virtual company of knitters, so that's where I'll be. I love your mom's embroidery and your big pile o' knits, along with knitting and snacks. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  5. How lovely to get together with knitting friends!

  6. How cool to have knitting buddies over. What fun you must have had. I didn't know you had a studio! I told E I want my own craft room but that ain't gonna happen until one of the girls move out.

  7. Such a joy to belong to knitting circle, there is nothing local to me sadly. Looking forward to the reveal of those lovely Christmas knits. My weekend was spent relaxing with my husband, we celebrate 35 years of marriage today.

  8. Um, is that huge pile of knitting your Christmas knitting? :-o

    I'd planned for at least a little relaxed spinning and knitting and listening to the new Fredrik Backman book...but it didn't happen. Maybe this afternoon. Sigh...

  9. The weekend flew by here as well! I am hoping the week does too! :)

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Wish I lived a bit closer to knit with you. Maybe after the holidays we can meet up for coffee and knitting.

  11. Sounds like a lovely weekend.. ours was a mix of laze and activity..
    have knitting buddies over sounds nice.

  12. Enjoying your blog! Read a book this weekend.

  13. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I've watched 3 episodes of The Crown and really enjoy it.

    1. it's compelling isn't it? I cannot imagine such a life or such composure :)

  14. Your studio looks so cheerful and organized -- two things I cannot say about mine at this moment! I haven't started The Crown, but it is on my list. Your knitting group sounds so amazing. Wish I had one.

  15. I love getting your weekend updates! Ours was really lovely; it always is when Penn State wins because it means that my hubby is happy! : ) I finished knitting a hat for my brother and began reading Ann Patchett's new book, Commonwealth. I am really enjoying it!

  16. OH, goodness! Looks like your knitting group is tons of fun! Is that chocolate something on your table?! :) LOL!

  17. We had a very low key weekend: http://inblueink.blogspot.com/2016/11/weekends_14.html

  18. Knitters are great gifters! ! We had a lovely saturday. Friends came and b rought us dinner! What?
    SUnday Fireman took me to a new yarn shop nearby!

  19. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm jealous of your clean, well organized inspiration board. Mine looks like a cluttered phone pole, covered in expired flyers. The only inspiration it gives me is the urge to toss it out the window. :)

  20. Sounds like a lovely weekend! It was a good one here, too; DH celebrated a big birthday, and we enjoyed time with family Which was much needed after such a stressful week. This is the good part of the year for me as now DH and I are once again the same age and I am no longer the older woman. LOL

  21. I love that you get together and knit with friends, that's very special! I hope you are having a good week? xx


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