This weekend my knitting needles have been ultra busy as I crank out a sweet cardigan.  I've been enjoying the familiarity of knitting the same pattern, but a different size.  I love to knit the same patterns over and over again, do you?  I didn't used to be like that.  In my youth, I was searching for the next 'great' pattern.  Now I just want to pick up and knit, knowing my gauge is good and the yarn is reliable. 

This pop of lavender is cheerful - Hello spring!

Our son left yesterday, his spring break is over and done.  He started looking for a sublet in Cambridge for his externship at Harvard this summer and I get too stressed out about the whole thing.  So I kept internally chanting 'this is not your problem'.  Now that he's back at his apartment my worries are over (out of sight, out of mind).

One of the reasons I love my babysitting job so much is because the problems are small.  Does she want an apple?  cheese?  Her talking is mostly intelligible but sometimes she throws me a curve and I'm just not sure.  I eventually figure out what she wants and I feel so happy! 

That is my kind of stress :)

For all you Holly and Frodo lovers, we are making progress.  The whole weekend, Holly was the instigator and Frodo was the victim.  Kids, jeez!

clean sink makes me happy
 How's this time change going for you?  I'm still measuring my time by yesterday's standards.  However, I'm hungry on today's time.  Go figure! 

Today is beautiful, the sun is shining and it's over 45 degrees.  I've been researching common bird sounds so I know who is singing to me on my daily walk.  I feel like I'm learning a foreign language, it's not easy. I'm a visual learner (I'm a knitter!). 

Well, I'm off to drink some green tea and read some blog posts.  How was your weekend?  I'd love to hear all about it.


  1. The time change just killed me this year! It always bothers me, but with my current treatment, it was just too much. It will be interesting to see if I make it through a whole day of work tomorrow!
    Glad you are working on the worrying!
    I'd love to learn to recognize bird songs. That is great pursuit!

  2. I will take that baby stress! That made me chuckle.
    Love hearing about Frodo and Holly. Holly is like that typical younger sibling that tortures the eldest. :)
    I am with you as I get on in my knitting years- I really enjoy knitting the same tried and true patterns. While sometimes I branch out...most of the time most of what I knit has been knit before. It is comforting.

  3. I'm sure your son will find something. I love seeing Frodo and Holly; you could serious write picture books about their relationship.

  4. I love that springy purple cardigan, your sink view complete with shamrocks on the windowsill, and your Christmas cactus. I think I even spy a second bud getting ready to open. My weekend was pretty darn good because we finally got electricity back after six long, cold days; I am thrilled (and warm)!

  5. I finished a HUGE knitting project this weekend. I am happy dancing.

    Instigator Kitty --- I ♥ it!

  6. We had blue skies and sunshine so it was a pretty good weekend.

  7. hooray for spring! We're kinda in the middle of a cyclone, but nothing much is happening yet! My weekend was spent doing university assignment after assignment after assignment.... what is a sublet? Looking for a flat/ an apartment??

  8. That will make the cutest cardigan !
    We had time change a while back already, and I always hate it, always takes quite some time to adjust and I don't see the benefit of it. Hope it isn't too hard on you..

  9. That cute little sweater is coming along beautifully! I'm finding I enjoy repeating patterns, something I could BARELY do before... always wanting something new. I just wish we would leave the time this way. ;) One of our biggest lessons in life seems to be "it's not my problem"! Especially with our children. Wishing you a wonderful week, Karen! blessings ~ tanna

  10. Doesn't the house seem so quiet and empty when the son goes back to college? I remember those days well. Our weekend was quite profitable. Hubby went to the church on Saturday to help with a building project and I stayed home, finished reading two books and doing book reviews for the next two weeks and started another book...Anne Lamott. Enjoying it so far.

  11. Love your blog. Always interesting and it makes me smile.

  12. Wow! You made great progress on this weekend! We got snow yesterday! blah, I'm tired of that white stuff.
    I'm glad to know someone feels like I do about their grown up kid issues (out of sight, out of mind)... :)
    Have a great week Karen!

  13. Our time change is next weekend, conveniently planned four days after our arrival back home. I'm not sure how that's going to feel - a double jetlag I guess.
    I like knitting the same pattern over and over too. It's just nice to know what your're doing I think.
    I love how that sweater is turning out. Such a wonderful color!

  14. Sounds like a good weekend! Love your crocus colored cardigan - so pretty. And I love that Holly is an instigator - LOL. My Dad and Mom were both really good at identifying birdsongs, but that talent seems to have missed me. I would love to know what I'm hearing when I'm out in the woods.

  15. I love to knit the same patterns over again. It's like spending time with an old friend. Glad to know Holly is holding her own with Frodo. Sounds like they have reached the typical siblings stage of life.

  16. Your cardigan is really pretty! Knit however you wish, I say! Sometimes I knit the same thing. That is a big reason I love socks. My weekend was pretty darn good. Volunteered Saturday, had friends for dinner and the hot tub Sat night. Yesterday was cold, but we got to talk to the kids. :) I m missing them terribly. I too am so guilty of thinking their problems are mine. I know full well, they can handle things. I honestly tell myself, to STOP IT, when I get to trying to figure out their lives! It is so hard isnt it?

  17. LOVE the cardigan - and so happy to see Holly and Frodo (and read that they're getting along better ... I'm guessing it will be hard to actually photograph them together!). I NEVER thought I'd want to knit the same pattern again ... until I did. and now I have a few that I've made two, three, even four (or more) times. I enjoy the familiarity with the process and the dependable outcome of the project. Frees my mind to focus on more important things!

  18. I’m so pleased Holly and Frodo are making progress. I’m sure one day they will be curled up asleep together! We have a time change at the end of this month I think. Your cardigan is coming along beautifully, it’s a lovely colour. That’s the kind of stress we would all like, she sounds cute :-)

  19. Nice to hear Holly and Frodo are doing better.. they antics must be amusing to watch.
    The time difference totally threw off our dinner time.. all because of one watch we forgot to change.


  20. Your cardigan is the color of the crocus I saw yesterday. We are all ready for signs of spring and a little warmth. You know I always like seeing pictures of Frodo. It sounds like he and Holly are figuring out how to be together. I'm sure there will be many bumps in the road, but it will all settle down as Holly grows up.

  21. I love hearing about your weekends! I love the color of the cardigan, what a lucky little girl! Our weekend was full, we had friends over for dinner on Friday night (a respite for them from two days of no power), went snow shoeing on Saturday and on Saturday night went to dinner at another friends' home. It was busier than usual for us! I cast on the cowl and really love the yarn I chose and the ease of the pattern! xo

  22. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! That is a very pretty sweater, and you're moving right along on it. Hope you have a great week, Karen.


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