How was your weekend?  We had a house full and I cooked Easter dinner after not cooking for that holiday for seven or so years.  I started directly after morning Mass.  Last night after the kids left mid afternoon, I crashed on the sofa and breathed a relaxing sigh of contentment.

Saturday, my daughter and I attended a bridal shower of a dear friend of the family.  We had a good time seeing many people we knew and reconnecting with people we haven't seen in a while.  All wonderful.  Later our family went out for dinner and sadly, the meal was woefully late.

Is it a thing to not update you as to why your meal is over an hour later after salads?  Grr.  What was frustrating is that other tables were getting their food in a timely manner.  I doubt we will go back and this was once a favorite restaurant. 


This morning I'm on the last load of laundry and I'm catching up on the internet after a long weekend break.  I cooked enough food yesterday so we have plenty of leftovers and that is even after loading my son up with some leftovers.

I'm becoming my dad and my gram....

blurry trouble maker

the adorable trouble maker

Because we had a house full, Holly hid most of the weekend and Frodo is exhausted from being with his beloved family members.  So there were no cat chases!  We also installed a pretty fancy baby gate at the base of the steps (it swings out!) and that is stopping Frodo from following you know who up the stairs.

Of course the humans had trouble navigating the gate.  I'm thrilled to NOT be climbing over a broken wooden gate -  that was dangerous but exciting whenever I cleared it successfully.  Just imagine, I used to leap over baby gates while holding a toddler and a cup of coffee....ah, youth!

Today there is SNOW and I chose instead to show you the beginnings of spring and blue skies.

Easter eggs from G.  (husband's secretary)  THANK YOU!

carrot cake from a box!
Let's hear about your weekends in the comments! 

Thanks to all the new followers of the blog, welcome - I'm so glad you visit here on my space :)


  1. Our son came up for an all-too-brief- visit, but it sure was good to see him. Today --- SNOW! LOL

  2. The easter eggs and carrot cakes look devine. Glad you have had a lovely easter break xxx

  3. Can you believe this snow? Incredible! We hosted an Easter brunch instead of dinner because we were a small group, just six of us this year! It went really well and I think we might make it a tradition! Today I've been busy with the start of spring cleaning because my daughter is bringing home her boyfriend this weekend (first visit!) and I want the house to be clean. I'm so excited! : )

  4. We had a wedding the night before then all gathered together again at my parent's for Easter on Sunday. Too much cake, desserts, and food packed into one weekend! Now I have to diet to recover. LOL

  5. We had a quiet weekend as my sibs are recovering from some minor medical procedures. Since snow fell and the nearby highways were slippery, a holiday where none of us were traveling worked out well. We went to early church, picked up coffee in the drive through and came home. I made a late brunch of an egg/hash brown casserole, fresh berries, broccoli, croissants from a great local bakery, and lemon bars. Then as the snow fell, I made a cup of tea and knit the afternoon away.

  6. Sounds like you had a really nice Easter! We just got back from a week in CO, so ours was a very quiet dinner out with a good friend. Happy Day-after!

  7. Sounds like you had a great Easter! We had a good weekend too. Though I was sure we never really do Easter and we were planning on doing a lot of work on the house, on Friday I got texts from my girls asking if we were going to do Easter Breakfast like we usually do. Ahem... I guess my jet lag wasn't over yet. So on Saturday I went to the supermarket for some shopping and on Sunday we had a big breakfast (and lunch with leftovers) with two of our girls. On Monday (second day of Easter is an official holiday here) we visited the third one, who was celebrating her birthday (and her boyfriend's) in her own home. So we ended up having a lovely family weekend instead of making progress on the house. But that's okay. As long as we're here, we want to spent time with them as often as we can.

  8. Giggling at the stair gate, those were the days and you got a good work out from climbing over them too,much prefer a nice opening one these days, Holly is looking super cute,my oldest has just walked past and stopped to look at her pictures and said the same. Our weekend was peaceful,husband was and on call out and oldest was working.

  9. Happy belated Easter. Always such a fun time of year. Hopefully you are able to get all caught up on that knitting soon.

  10. So glad you enjoyed time with your family! Makes a perfect holiday in my eyes. ;) We enjoyed family time as well... and, I, too, sighed a contented sigh when the day was done. Hope you have a wonderful week, Karen! blessings ~ tanna

  11. The Easter eggs look yummy. I'm a sucker for chocolate. I'm sorry the restaurant meal was a bust. I'm happy you had a lovely full house.


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