Leaps and Bounds

This is the first year our flowering apple tree has decided to show off its blossoms.  Isn't it beautiful?  Our brother in law gave us this little tree a few years ago.  This is the tree that Frodo loves to sit under for some shade from the sun.

Isn't it amazing how spring decides to arrive and stay?  I'm enjoying the beginnings of a beautiful season.  The month of May reminds me of my grandmother (dad's mom) and her love of springtime.  Her garden was filled with spring bulbs and various flowers.  She had a climbing rose bush that grew over a trellis with a seat on each side.  As children we would try to sit on the benches but the bees were too bothersome.  Now we have a possible bee extinction.

I worked a babysitting 8 hour day on Monday and, wow, that was a long day for me.  Even with a nap time squeezed into the afternoon (for her not me).  I enjoy taking her for a stroller walk around the town while the weather is cooperative.  Since she is two years old and her language skills are emerging by leaps and bounds, we chat about all sorts of things.  Some conversations are intelligible and then there are times I don't know what we are talking about.  She loves it and so do I. 

Where did I get all the energy to raise two kids?  I am so tired after a full babysitting day!

I'm plugging along reading page by page with my Brothers Karamazov novel.  I'm trying my best to read 5% a day (on a Kindle).  One day, I'll finish reading this book.  As a reward, I'll start the shortest book on my to-be-read pile.  This daydream makes me joyful.

Yesterday out of the blue, Holly decided to take a nap on the couch.  Frodo with his eagle senses knew she was around and decided to 'join' her.  I had a blissful 1/2 hour of two animals existing in peace and harmony.  Of course I documented it with a Frodo selfie!  Isn't he adorable?

He's like: "I cannot believe I am sitting with her!"

She's like:  "whatever"

I'm like:  OH MY GOODNESS!!

and that was my evening - I am so happy for the peaceful moment.

I enjoyed reading your comments about the pros and cons of digital and/or paper calendars.  I find that whatever works is the best solution.  Thank you all for reading and commenting and being a part of my blogging days.  I enjoy our friendships :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. It sounds like there are many things in your life taking leaps and bounds towards the better - those beautiful blossoms, that amazing period when toddlers acquire language, and even Holly and Frodo. Enjoy it all and thank you for sharing these leaps with us!

  2. That photo of those two together, separated only by inches is just priceless! Have an amazing weekend!

  3. Frodo and Holly have made a huge leap towards friendship (or maybe just tolerance), but it works.

  4. Love your apple blossoms! Our tree is only sparsely blossoming this year (I'm guessing we won't have a great crop of apples). Your week sounds like it was lovely. Two year olds "talking" can be such fun - lol. And Frodo and Holly! Together!!

    Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Hurrah, a beautiful photo of them together, long may this last. I am so looking forward to a family visit shortly and chatting with Honey, she is two now. I don't know how that happened...

  6. Those are beautiful blossoms. Seeing them always makes me happy.

    And HOORAY for Holly and Frodo!!

  7. That's a great peaceable kingdom photo! YOU have done it! with patience and love. Hooray! I enjoy my blog pals too! Thanks

  8. I wish I did gardens, but with allergies and a brown thumb, it's best to not let me near a flower!

  9. Your tree is beautiful. My grandmother always had sweet peas in her garden. I would love to have them but spring weather is so fickle.

  10. I'm so glad to see Holly & Frodo getting along. But wait - I missed a post about planners?? That's not like me. I'm a planner freak. I must go search out the post. Happy Spring!

  11. Oh, that is so amazing to know you are reading one of my favorite books, Dostoevsky is definitely not easy to get through, but his books are so worth it! Love these shots of blooming trees - just gorgeous!

  12. I like that look Holly is giving Frodo. She's so cat! OMGoodness, how do you do it? Babysit a toddler? I'd be exhausted! Do you have a schedule you've made up?
    Yes, a hair dryer is a must for me b/c my hair is "fine" meaning thin. If it doesn't have product in it, it's so flat and ick. Thank you for taking the time to check out my neighbor's shop. She has just a few items but anything can be custom made.

  13. Your apple blossom is gorgeous, love that stage when a littleones language takes such a leap and you can have some wonderful little conversations, enjoy.


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