My grandmother loved to say 'haste makes waste' and on Friday that was truth!  I am relaxed and calm and I quickly solved a tiny issue with my photos, easy peasy.  So maybe I need to slow down and take my time..  Maybe.  (Gram stole that saying from Ben Franklin)

My grandmother also loved to say 'a watched pot never boils' ( again she lifted that from Franklin as well).  Every time I make a cup of tea, the pot boils way faster when I am not standing there waiting for it.  Go figure!

Look at that Holly lying in front of the sliding door acting like a true lioness.  Yes, Frodo is under his ottoman and yes, he is leaving her alone.  Shall we say that there is progress?  Yes.  But it's not fast enough for me!  There are still some crazy chases going on around here. 

So Friday started frazzled as I said in my last post, but then the events became even crazier.  You see, my son was at a conference for the week in Banff, Alberta.  My husband was at a conference in Edmonton, Alberta mid week.  Both of them were scheduled to have a layover in Toronto on Friday evening.  I thought it would be grand if they could see each other while waiting.

My son's flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours coming into Toronto on Friday evening and his connecting flight to Harrisburg was cancelled due to high winds.  My husband's outgoing flight from Toronto to Philadelphia was delayed over 3 hours.  So not only did they see each other, my husband managed to help my son get a seat on his Philadelphia bound plane (completely stressful and chaotic).  There were tons of displaced angry travelers.  I was NOT traveling and I was stressed out. 

My husband was supposed to be home around 10 p.m. They arrived home at 2 a.m. all due to the extensive plane delay.  Phew!  Not many planes were leaving Toronto going East. 

I had a great impromptu visit with our son on Saturday, we went shopping and had a home cooked meal yesterday together.  Earlier this week, we were all going through our phones looking for photos of him for his Harvard internship.  Shamefully I had nothing current, all I have is Holly and Frodo photos (the new kids on the block).  I'm determined to take more 'people' photos. 

This morning we drove him to the Harrisburg airport so he could retrieve his car and return to State College.

I am exhausted.  But guess what?  My sister's sweater is off the needles and is drying :)

How was your weekend?


  1. How great your son could come home for a quick visit and be able to see his dad. How frustrating to deal with weather that can easily delay a flights.
    I still have the way too big pants and wouldn't mind giving them away, but I cut into the waistband twice to get out the elastic and I'm sure your daughter is way taller than my 5 ft, 3/4"? Thank you for the healing vibes. The left palm burn is drying up so that's good. It won't hurt as much when I plank tomorrow.

  2. Reading you blog post made me smile. Impromptu visits with our kids are ALWAYS a good thing.
    Hope the rest of your week brings happy surprises like that.

    Our weekend was good ---- I met up with Vera yesterday and had a nice lunch out today.

  3. It was a singing weekend for us. Rehearsal yesterday morning for today's Worship through Music services. We sang Ralph Vaughn William's Dona Nobis Pacem, a cantata highlighting the devastation of war and the desperate need for peace and reconciliation. The morning ended with a beautiful spiritual, Peace like a River, Recordings might be on Vimeo soon.

  4. Wow, I have to fly in a month, I am so hoping I have no delays, issues or snags! But since it's a direct flight I won't have to worry about connections! Love the sweater!! That seemed to go fast? Well, for me it did. LOL

  5. Hooray - an unexpected visit with your son. The weather was beautiful and we pushed through some yard and garden chores - cleaning out the herb garden and shoveling lots of compost. It is nice to have it done this evening.

  6. Love that picture of Holly by the window. This is great your husband and son met up in Toronto after all! The finished sweater is so nice! I love the color and the buttons down the front. My weekend was good, I visited my family and spent lots of time with them and enjoyed the lovely weather. Hope you have a good week!

  7. What a great weekend for you! Love that your son was able to fly home with your husband and you had a weekend all together. Also love that picture of Holly sprawled on the floor. A queen for sure!!

    The sweater is beautiful! Well done.

  8. Delayed and diverted flights are never fun, but the aggravation is made quite a bit better if it results in an impromptu visit! And congratulations on the finished sweater. All in all, not a bad weekend!

  9. All's Well That Ends Well? How nice your son was able to come for a quick visit after all that travel stress. I love the sweater! Great job. Glad Holly and Frodo have calmed down for the most part!

  10. You sweater looks great.
    I hate travelling by plane but it's the only way I can see the world so I must. Delays and cancellations just make the whole ordeal even worse. But everyone got to meet so I suppose you can sort of call it a win.


  11. Oh those flight delays ! SON TIME!!!!!! NOthing like it. Im so happy for you. You have been most patient with the cat and dog introduction and I think youve turned the corner to companions forever.

  12. Wow, what a weekend for everyone, BUT how nice that you had time with your son. :-)
    The sweater is just beautiful, Karen!

  13. How wonderful to have an unexpected visit from you son, a real bonus. Deep breaths may help with the stress. Beautiful knitting, I am always in awe of your talent.

  14. Well, even though Shakespeare said it instead of Franklin, all's well that ends well! And the sweater looks really lovely - might we get a picture of her modeling it?

  15. Sounds stressful, but the sweater looks great!

  16. We had glorious bank holiday weekend weather. On Saturday I went to see my grandson playing basketball, it was a trial for the county team and he was selected. We had a family BBQ that evening, Sunday was quiet, garden centre yesterday. That's a lovely photo of Holly. After five years together my Buster and Rufus still have crazy chases and play fights.

  17. I think your weekend turned out great (who needs "typical" when you can see your son AND block a sweater??!!) ... I LOVE the way your sister's sweater turned out and I know she'll love it too. Curious - I think I see a custom label sewn into the back neckband - could you share details about it?

  18. Oh my, how did I miss this post? What a crazy weekend you had! If you go to visit your son in Boston during his internship let me know and maybe we can arrange a meet up!


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