How was your weekend?  I hope as fun as mine.  I stayed home!  Going away for a weekend like last weekend makes me love staying at home for a weekend.  I did not go anywhere yesterday.  I wound up the above yarn that was a gift from my daughter and son in law.  There is no business name on the tag, just "kettle dyed" Lancaster County Pa.  It's a superwash wool sock blend - ah, heavenly.  I'm not quite sure what I'll be knitting.

For now I like to sit and look at it.  And so does Holly.

In my studio room, I had to cover all the pretty baskets of yarn with a towel because  someone was nibbling like a little rat.  Grr.  I think I won that battle.

Yesterday, I sketched a bit - still trying to stop the negative dialogue and focus on what I like and what I'm learning.  I also pulled out the watercolors and dabbled a bit.  Yikes, that was a hot mess of thinking I don't know what I'm doing! 

However, I was once a beginner knitter as a child/teen and look at me now.  So I've got lots of time to learn and grow.

I watched a few episodes of Dr. Who with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.  I have to say I'm a hard core Whovian.  I love the stories, the time traveling, the plot twists and the geeky humor.  I'm amused while I knit.  Speaking of knitting, I cannot get enough of the True Colors Shawl.  I love knitting it!

I have to force myself to take breaks when my hands hurt, I don't want a repetitive stress injury.

Today I attended 7:30 a.m. Mass and was once again thrilled that the music was absent.  I believe I pay attention better!  (and it's faster...)

Today has been an overcast cloudy day.  We squeezed in a walk in the afternoon.  I've read some and knitted more.

How was your weekend?


  1. commenting so I get notified :)

  2. Holly is getting big. I always love seeing Frodo. You've been doin' some good knittin. Weekend was great.

  3. We went into Philadelphia on Saturday. The visit was fun .....the driving not so much. Phila. roads are just AWFUL!!!

    Today we looked at houses. Nothing we wanted to put an offer on. We had a nice Chili's dinner and now ....it is raining like crazy and is COLD. You'd think WINTER is back. LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful week. Give Frodo and Holly and extra little petting from me.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! True colors has me tempted.

    I was home all weekend too and loved it. I may be becoming even more lazy!

    Holly must be more comfortable if she is looking into your yarn! Ha! You will have your hands full. Frodo, of course, is well behaved. LOL

  5. Lots of knitting done here this weekend too! All log cabin. We did go to the lake to people watch yesterday for a bit. Today was cooler and an inside day. I like mass without music too. ! Lots of Cubs games for watching. I also cleaned the house anticipating possible guests, and they changed our dates. I've never had such a clean stove! I refused to cook on it today1

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I love the shawl it does look like a fun knit. I really want to knit a shawl this fall once I am finished the two projects I am working on now. Dr. Who sounds interesting, I will have to check it out sometime! Cute pictures of Holly and Frodo :) Have a good week!

  7. What a lovely weekend! I have to admit that even though it does take longer, I like it when there is music at Mass - gives me a chance to sing along, because who can complain when you are singing to God???? ;-)

  8. What a wonderful weekend! I am using my Monday to take a deep breath and ease in to the week!

  9. We attended a street fest for food and music, had family for dinner Sunday, I knit and sewed all weekend!! So it was perfect on my end too.

  10. True Colors is lovely, as was your weekend. I can see why you enjoy knitting it so much. Maybe it should really be called One More Row!

  11. Your weekend sounds like a good time of relaxing also known as knitting. :) Ours was good as well. On Saturday we went to a Celtic festival that was about half an hour away and we spent the entire day there. It was such a nice time...especially when we could indulge in the Celtic foods. :) Only thing missing was the shortbread so we had ice cream instead.

  12. I always love that you are always up for learning new things. Water colors would be something wonderful to learn, but I can see where things may get a bit messy.

    Heh- that Holly is such a little monkey!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  13. Way to embrace the positive outlook on a new art and skill! I always love a Holly and Frodo sighting. Sweetness. Sounds like a good well balanced weekend! I had a good one too with a bit of this and that.

  14. That Holly is a little mischief maker. Good thing she is so cute. Sounds like you had a good weekend. We did too - quiet with some yard work and Sunday a.m. coffee. Hope you are off to a good week.

  15. I love how we adapt our lives and homes to accommodate our furry pets. I for sure want to be MY Holly in a next life ;-)

  16. You weekend is my kind of weekend, but mine was a little too full of readying for dinner guests and talking to my family as we help my sister plan a funeral. This week my world is a little upside down.

  17. We went in search of warmth and sunshine and found it east of the mountains. When did you start True Colors? I seem to have missed that. Have a great week. Love those pets of yours!

  18. Glad you had a peaceful, knit filled weekend. I'm LOVING the colors in your shawl!


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