Get ready, this post has a ton of photos, well ten photos.  However I took so many with my phone!  I'm trying to remember to take photos while having fun.  How was your weekend?  Mine was fantastic, we went to Cambridge to see our son this weekend and had such a good time.

The ride up wasn't great - we hit the awful traffic of Connecticut.  While my back is slowing improving, riding in a car causes me pain that Tylenol barely touches.  (Remember, sitting is the hardest activity for me while I heal up).

 used book store

Friday night we were in Central Square and toodled about shopping and eating and talking.  Saturday morning was the BIG day.  We were all over the place.  After a subway ride into downtown Boston, we shopped a bit and ate at Quincy Market for lunch. 

me trying not to squint....

my husband cannot walk and look at his phone at the same time

We went to the aquarium and had a fun time, penguins were my favorite - runner up was the jellyfish and starfish.  Oh and the turtle. 


From there we walked through Boston Commons and the public gardens then headed towards Back Bay to the public library.  We did a lot of walking, like 10 miles total (that is what the phone says I did...). After a self guided tour of the library, we walked more and hopped onto a bus to Central Square to have dinner then walked some more to Harvard Square for ice cream.

 Last night was was exhausted and was thrilled my hips and knees hurt instead of my back.  A reprieve of sorts.

We left early this morning with no traffic at all.  My back is wondering why I abuse it so much with car rides but the trip was worth it.  It was fun to see our son, who will be back in PA mid August (yay). 

I'm doing laundry and unpacking all the 'stuff' and putting my house back together again.


I love street art :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Nice photos! I love going up there and poking around! your family is very good-looking. :-)

  2. lovely pictures! looked like you had a great time! I am so glad!!! Hope your back feels better soon!

  3. Love your photos! There used to be a really great yarn store at Harvard ---- Woolcot and Co. I'm doubting it is still there though. I think I remember hearing that it had closed.

  4. Good weekend, slow and full of knitting! Unfortunately the teams I wanted to win the WC didn't. I would have taken ANY TEAM but France! Durn it! LOL

  5. Isn't it amazing how stiff and uncomfortable you can get from sitting in the car. I made Hubby stop once at a rest stop on our last trip to Boston and I had to hobble to the rest room. You did a whole lot of walking! I don't know if I could manage all that walking. I may find out in NYC this Wednesday. You took some great pictures...

  6. It looks like a great weekend, especially seeing and spending time with your son! Hope your back recovers soon and feels good enough to sit and knit this week.

  7. What a wonderful weekend! I was just talking with my knitting group about Quincy Market. Although my daughter and family are a T ride away from the market we never go anymore! Maybe when we see Hamilton in Boston!

  8. What a wonderful weekend! Love all your pictures...but...no yarn shopping????? You did so much! there probably wasn't enough time for that - lol. Such a nice get-away and fun to have time with your son.

  9. A long ride in the car is worth it to see your son. Car sitting is one of the main reasons I stay home so much. Sciatica and sitting just don't mix well. I love the street art, too and the pictures of all the things you did while visiting Boston and your son are fun to see. Enjoy your week!

  10. What a beautiful weekend to be in Boston! Those penguins at the Aquarium are so fun!

  11. Sounds like an amazing weekend. I loved the street art too, a feast for the eyes.

  12. Boston...our daughter-in-law's favorite place because there is so much to see and do. I'm sorry that your back is bothering you because of the car rides. I'll be saying a prayer for you. xx

  13. great images all around. SON TIME :) You know I love that. I'll have to visit BOSTON someday

  14. Great photos, Karen! I hope your body forgives you soon ... clearly seeing your son was a most necessary and FUN trip. (and have to smile - your weekend was the mirror opposite of mine ... I barely left the chair :-)

  15. What a fun weekend you had! I used to love visiting my oldest daughter when she was going to school there. It's such a fun city! I love your photos, great shots of the street art! xx

  16. So sorry that the ride was painful. But at least you got to see your son, who is darling, by the way. I've been to Boston, but never Cambridge. I share all your favorites with animals! And I also love street art. Hope that back is healing.

  17. What a wonderful weekend and what cool things you saw. Handsome boy you got there.


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