When the weekend started on Friday, I was excited for a 'boring' weekend.  I thrive when nothing happens and after the past three weeks, well, it was necessary.  Guess what?  Friday night I was hot, so much so that I went downstairs to check the thermostat and found out quickly that the AC compressor wasn't working.  The air blowing was not cold air.  Ugh!

It's not a big deal but for me it was a big deal. 

We have a fabulous company that helps us out when the furnace or AC goes wacko.  I called Saturday  morning and was thrilled that they sent a person out and my AC was fixed by 11 a.m.  What service! 

Our heat pump system is 16 years old and maybe we need to replace it.  My husband and I would rather replace it on our terms than on the whim of Murphy's Law.  You and I both know that my system will die during a heat wave or a cold snap. 

Saturday night we attended Mass and picked up the pizza.  When we first started getting our pizzas nearly weekly, they would ask for my name.  Now they say 'Karen?'.  In a few more months we are going to be best friends forever.

I've been wearing jeans in utter defiance of summer.  It's the only way for me to get to fall with my sanity. 

he is MY buddy

Today, I finished the second cowl and started the third cowl.  I am cowl knitting my Christmas gifts for many people.  I'm making as many as I can.  This is the knit I can take to work and not think at all while knitting.

The laundry is done.  I backed up my:  computer, photos, and the blog.  Do you do this monthly?  I do.  I usually do this chore on the first of the month but my father in law's passing delayed the task.

zippy bag made my my sister

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a good week, very productive. Hope you have another great one ahead.

  2. Well .... it was a LOT of working this weekend. We moved a pile of bricks. We moved a pile of firewood. We fought the ants ..... and right now it seems like the ANTS are winning. They are EVERYWHERE. Big ants, little ants, ants with wings..................UGH!

    But, the upside to all that work is that the yard is so much neater now.

    I think I see a margarita in my future!

  3. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that your AC got fixed easily and quickly. It is the middle of September, but it's still warm and very humid. Ryan had temperatures in the mid 90s last week and they're continuing this week. Keep on knitting those cowls!

  4. Whew! So glad your AC was fixed in good time. I don't do well without the AC - call me a whimp. I always feel like I can bundle up against the cold but it's harder to get cool in the heat and humidity. I also started on my Christmas knits - socks for my daughter and wash clothes for my daughter-in-law. She lives in Texas and doesn't need too many warm woolies but she loves the hand knit washcloths. I won't be blogging about them because they read my blog. I like it that you are friends with the pizza lady. When I call an order in, they seem to recognize it - we mostly order the same thing.

  5. I have had a cold all weekend, so I didn't get much done. That's a problem, seeing as I will have 30 to 40 people here Wednesday evening. Fortunately, my husband will pick up the slack!

  6. I love a boring weekend.. and if M and I can squeeze in a nap then we have a winner!
    But right now I'm still trying to plan weekend activities while it's still warm out.. soon it'll be cold and no one will wont to go outside.


  7. i should back up... i will do it now :)

  8. I am glad the fix for your AC was so quick! And, yes... I can attest to the fact that if your heat goes out, it will do so on the coldest weekend of the year.

  9. What a great weekend! I'm with you, I love weekends where there aren't any plans. I wish I could knit cowls as quickly as you do! I am working on one for my daughter and I really need to finish it because I also hope to make a scarf for her boyfriend for Christmas. I am finding that the more I knit the more skillful I am becoming; yesterday I was able to rescue two slipped stitches! A few months ago I would have failed miserably and have no choice but to start the whole project over again. Progress! : )

  10. Thank goodness your a/c could be fix in order to give you the time you need to make a decision about its fate. The little zippy bag is so perfect for pins or knitting odds and ends. Cowls will make the perfect gift for winter gift giving and fun (easy) knitting for you!

  11. I'm glad they were able to fix your AC, even though it's September and I'm dreaming of fall weather, here in Illinois it is hot and the forecast is for 90 degree weather all through this week. Cowls will be perfect Christmas gifts for everyone!

  12. Glad you got your a/c fixed. I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with mine. Our temperatures have cooled down and I would LOVE to have the windows open.... but we've been experiencing humidity levels in the 90+% range for the last week. It's freezing in the house but we have to keep the a/c on to keep from molding.

    Love the cowls for Christmas idea. I've been planning that (cowls or scarves) too... except I haven't actually knit any of them yet. Guess I need to get busy.

  13. we've lived in our house since 1978. We've replaced the heat pump once. Now we are having to replace the whole unit - inside and out. It still works, but has issues. If it was up to me, I would hang on until it crashes and burns - but my husband disagrees with that. They are coming to do it this week - during the heat, humidity and rain. They said they would have it done in a day - IF no problems occur. To say I'm about to have a nervous breakdown is an understatement... It does not help that my Mom passed away a month ago - and due to my intense grieving, I cannot deal with anything - less alone something like this.... Hopefully all will go well and quick, with minimal disruption. Our HVAC system is in the kitchen in a closet - we have no basement - so I think that is a whole other can of worms....

    1. so sorry about your mom, your in my thoughts and prayers!

  14. Try this again......I let all the heat cooling and hot tub stuff be taken care of by Fireman. Sorry! Weekend : paddle boarded on wavy boat filled lake. No problems though! Had old neighbors up for a sunday Visit. They still fight a lot. I wish my friends did not do this in front of us. I love them, but we have two couples in particular that pick at each other constantly...ugh.

  15. Thrilled you got your a/c fixed. We are waiting for the plumber to arrive as I type this, we have a radiator leaking in the bedroom, not a good start to a very rainy stormy week. How wonderful you are managing to get some Christmas gifts knitted, so nice to get a hand crafted gift.

  16. Thanks for the reminder, I need to back mine up, and get in the monthly habit! After losing a bunch of stuff with the recent hard drive crash I should be better. Can't wait to see the cowls!!

  17. I love that picture of Holly! Hasn't she grown so much since that day you brought her home?

    And Frodo...we can't forget him...the faithful friend he's been through the years.

    Your weekend sounds lovely...especially after the air conditioning got taken care of!

  18. Great weekend! Glad you could get the air conditioner fixed quickly. It's great that you are working on Christmas gifts now I have a few ideas I should get started too! My weekend was spent celebrating my sister's wedding. I was the maid of honour so it was very busy and so fun. That is so smart to have a schedule to back up photos and documents! I really should be doing this. So far it is a task just to get the photos onto my computer but I may start to try to dump my phone to my computer then back up every month too. I am so sorry about your father-in-law. My condolences to you and your family.

  19. oh YAY for jeans ... and for A/C :-) good job on the early Christmas knitting, too!

  20. Glad you got your AC fixed so quickly! Our weather has been muggy here in the UK the last few days, I wish the first frost would arrive already :) Your pets are adorable, I always love seeing pictures of them here. I really must back up my computer, I'm not great that way but love your idea of adding it onto your monthly chore list - I'm definitely going to do that. I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My condolences to you all.

  21. Gorgeous photos in this post! Your kitty is getting sooooo big!!! I'm glad your AC problem was quickly resolved, I have better tolerance for cold than heat, that is for sure. I always admire your knitting productivity, Karen. Confession: I almost never back-up anything on the computer--definitely not on a monthly basis. But I should probably get in the habit of doing it.

  22. Holly has grown for sure. She's eating well at home. We've been using the AC this week as temperatures have creeped up. I plan to wear jeans tomorrow as we're going up to the city. It's like 20 degrees colder up there.


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