Do you see that cupcake on the right?  Ah!!  It was vegan and it was delicious -seriously delicious.  We drove down to Ephrata Pa and had a lovely lunch at Scratch Bakes, not only was my egg bagel sandwich great, but the mood in the eating area was perfect.  The music was mild and unassuming.  (frequently it seems that restaurants want to blare the music).   After lunch, we met up with our daughter and son in law to tour the Historic Cloister.

I enjoyed the tour but wished we could have had a guided one but the times were not convenient to our limited schedule.  Once we finished up in the museum store, we drove a hop over to Lititz, Pa.  I was impressed!  Lots of little shops to meander through, a few coffee shops to sit for a second to relax. 

Unbeknownst to me, a yarn shop was there.  Our kids have been Lititz a few times and raved about it's quaintness.  I chose not to research for yarn stores, I was utterly delighted to stumble upon a yarn shop on the way to a music shop.  I ditched the music shop for the yarn shop.

Look at the lovely yarn shop - Ewebiquitous!

I do love my attempts at selfies.  Here is me in front of the store, total fail, except for the happiness of my smile from buying some wool.

this is a good selfie
 For dinner we ate at the Sutter Inn, I highly recommend! 

the kids
The drive to and from both towns was through rolling farm lands and breathtakingly beautiful.  I love living in Pennsylvania.

And here is the yarn I bought!

Today was recovery from a wild day trip.  Although I did attend 7:30 a.m. Mass (no music!).  So I guess after Mass was my recovery time.  I met up with a friend to chat about knitting and today I'm casting on two new projects.  I finished another cowl during the car ride and need another one on the needles. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh, that yarnshop! It looks lovely, wish I could visit it. (One of my dreams is to rent a campervan, tour through the US for months and visit all those yarnshops I've been reading about on blogs)
    My weekend was peaceful. We did a bit of binge watching a series we've been obsessed with (12 monkeys) and had our youngest daughter over for diner on Saturday and visited my parents on Sunday.

  2. I do love a post that opens up with cupcakes! It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I only associate Sturgis pretzels with Lititz and didn't know it was such a charming town. My weekend was full of work on the house in MD. It will be nice to be done with it someday so we can start getting to know the area.

  3. We've been wanting to go to The Cloister, so I'll remember that there's a lovely yarn shop not that far from it! The goodies you purchased are so pretty!

    I'll say it again, you have a really good-looking family. :-)

  4. My goodness what a feast for the eyes that yarn shop was, amazing. Sounds like a great weekend.

  5. Cupcakes & yarn shopping are sure signs of a wonderful weekend! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.. you had me at the cupcakes!!


  7. That is a very cute yarn shop! And the cupcakes, oh my! Your wild day sounds like a lovely excursion and a great way to spend family time.

  8. I love your yarn purchases!!!!! Good that you found a shop!!! You had me at cupcake however. My weekend included a bake flop!!! It is not a good idea to pull calories out of things that ought to have butter

  9. OOH...cupcakes! OOH...yarn! I love the pumpkin spice colored yarn you bought.
    Yes, Must Stash Yarn is a great dyer. She makes the best Harry Potter self-striping yarn. You saw my Yer a wizard, Harry socks.

  10. Our weekend as well as the whole month flew past! On Saturday we went over to our daughter's house to watch the Penn State game :>(; there was awful traffic going there thanks to the Husky game as well as construction in Seattle and insane traffic on the way home due to the Mariners game. Our usual half hour trip took almost two hours! On Sunday we sang for 2 services and then stayed to sort music, went home and relaxed a bit before heading to a friend's house, thankfully with light traffic even though she's farther away than DD. It was good to relax and knit today, that's for sure. Glad you ran into a "surprise" yarn shop and even bought some yarn! Good job!

  11. You look very happy at the yarn store, and why not! What could be better than cupcakes and yarn?

  12. Pennsylvania sounds like a beautiful place to live. The yarn store looks like fun and your new yarn - very fallish. Add family and cupcakes to the mix and you have the perfect weekend.


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