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My knitting has been quite full.  Today I'll share my progress of three projects but I have another two or three additional ones I need to get into Ravelry and sorted out.  I am thrilled to be knitting without any deadlines.  I'm more productive with a deadline but the self imposed pressure can be stressful.

First up are a pair of socks for my husband (I know, I'm knitting for someone else but I consider him part of me).  This sock yarn is super soft and has a lovely bounce to it.  The yarn wrapper calls for size 3 needles but I'm going with size 2.  I also adore the striping pattern.

Next up is my super squishy cowl that hasn't had a single stitch knitted on it in a week but I took a photo and so I'll tell you I love it and can't wait to get back to knitting this cowl

My 3 color cowl is nearing the end (sniff).  I can see why this pattern was popular!  The design is simple yet interesting enough to make you want to keep on going.  I love sitting and knitting with this project in my lap.

What are you knitting?


  1. your knitting looks so happy! I'm enjoying knitting without deadlines, too!

  2. I too am loving the "deadline free knitting"!! That cowl is gorgeous, Karen!

  3. No deadlines means relaxed knitting. Love the color of your hubby's socks. My hubby loves the handmade socks best. The 3 color cowl is striking. It looks so warm too. You other cowl looks cuddly and squishy. Enjoy your knitting time.

  4. The husband socks look so squishy and cozy! I know he is going to love them.

    I'm knitting on my "Nanners" socks this morning, but I have two other socks projects on the needles AND the two scrappy blankets. They are ALL going to get a little LOVE this week.

  5. I am approaching the end of the post-wedding shawl, wedding was in March! So then I need 1 more hat to reach my 52 goal and I am done for the year. But I am sure a 2nd hat will find it's way to the needles just for fun.

  6. I love my three-color cowl -- and yours, too! That green is perfect to accent that pattern.
    I'm still knitting hats as stash-busters. But I need to bit the bullet and cast on the Epic Knit!

  7. I hope to finish the big bulky blankie by new years eve. It has been a soothing easy knit. I think we will really enjoy the blanket here.

  8. As usual, your knitting inspires me. I am knitting for myself for a few days (socks and shawl) until the yarn comes for my son-in-law's fingerless mitts. He liked the ones I knit for the boys and has a January birthday. So here I go again. Since I never know exactly what to give him, this is an easy fix. Casting on a new sweater for me - today.

  9. I love your knitting! I just finished hat #47 and I decided to stop trying to make it to 52 by the end of the year. Too much going on besides knitting. I'm trying to decide on what to knit next, something big and simple that I can pick up when I feel like knitting...

  10. I didn’t do any gift knitting so the deadlines were not a thing for me. We are actually celebrating with our daughters and their families on Jan. 1 so I still have time to do some making. Thinking of a new project bag for each of the girls. That sock yarn is wonderful.

  11. Beautiful knitting! I love the colors in that sock yarn and there's something so timeless and classic about a white cowl. I love the colors you're using in your striped cowl too. I've knit a few like that but without following a pattern. I just knit a particular stitch pattern until I get bored then change to something else. I find those cowls very addictive.

  12. Wow, you are truly productive! I finished all of my knitting projects in time for the holidays and am now at a loss without something to work on! I just ordered yarn for your Balancing Act Cowl for my youngest - my middle daughter loved the one I made for her and Michelle requested one, even though she currently lives in Myanmar where it is NEVER cold, lol! In the meantime I will see what I can scrounge up! xx

    1. how sweet that she wants one even though her weather doesn't require it!!

  13. Beautiful projects. Love the sock yarn. I'm knitting some socks (always) and hope to cast on both a hat and a cowl!


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