Hello!  How are you and how was your weekend?

My weekend was jammed packed with Christmas preparations and a visit from my daughter and son in law.  I had a crazy crazy idea to make cut out sugar cookies with icing.  I don't think I will ever make them again any time soon.  The cookies were labor intensive and time consuming.  I have washed down my counters numerous times and I swear I still find 'sticky' sugar spots from the royal icing! 

I was lucky to have help over the weekend to decorate them.  I just have to say all that time I was in the kitchen, I could have been knitting. 

On Friday morning Miss Holly in her great wisdom decided to lean into the tree.  I never saw her run in fear so quickly when the tree fell over.  The good news is that I purposefully decorated simply.  I righted the fallen tree.  (I might have put branches back in wrong places....) and it looks a bit weather beaten but it's still cheerful.

Holly now sits politely under the tree while lovingly looking up at the ornaments.  Let's see how long this lasts.  I do think she is overall behaving exactly like a one year old cat.  Inquisitive!

I've been enjoying Advent and the prayers that go along with Advent.  We attended Mass this morning and it was nice to see my 'old' church pew neighbors from a few year ago (we switched to Saturday night Mass and made new church pew neighbors). 

I thought I was all done Christmas shopping for everyone but realized that my husband needed a few presents to open.  Luckily I popped into a shop yesterday and found some stuff.  Yay!  Now I'm done (I think).

Are you ready for Christmas?  Do you make sugar cut out cookies? 


  1. I had a tree fall over on me twice growing up, so we tie our tree up every year -- a loop around the tree trunk and one around the curtain rod. Your cookies look great!

  2. Luckily, I no longer have to make cut-outs! We had our family cookie day on Saturday, and invited Justin's new girlfriend for the first time. She brought 160 cut-out cookies, and we all cheered. Nobody in the family likes to make them, so we are going to try and keep her around!

  3. Cut out cookies are very labor intensive. But they are very yummy. I bet Miss Holly has given the tree a wide berth since she knocked it over. It's the only way yhey learn. You were smart to decorate lightly for that reason. Only 1 more weekend of Advent. I will miss it. I love Christmas but the Advent season is so exciting.

  4. I'm so glad the tree "incident" was so easily remedied! we do not make cut out cookies here, but growing up we did and I always made gingerbread men with my girls. now I like baking that isn't quite so labor intensive (or messy!) We heard a new arrangement of the Magnificat this morning - with an orchestra and guest soloists. It was simply amazing. The music is one of my favorite things about Advent!

  5. No cookies here as two of us can't eat sugar, it is easier that way. Still there are plenty of treats for those who do eat it. The tree falling is exactly what I am expecting with my two. We just put ours up and they are sniffing it but so far so good. I just found out we will be having a guest for Christmas so now I need a few presents, I can't have someone visit and sit there while we open things. Have a wonderful week.

    1. One year when I came home from college break I invited (with my parent's permission) a friend from South Korea with no where to go for Christmas. My mom had presents for her!!

  6. Those cookies are so cute and look so delicious. I rarely make sugar cookies because they are so labor intensive, but they are good and occasionally fun to make. Looks like you are all ready for Christmas - so have a Merry one!

  7. I do NOT do fussy cookies. If I make cookies it is usually the drop kind, with ginger cookies being MY favorite and chocolate chip for Steve.

    Poor Miss Holly. That probably scared one life off her.

  8. Oh yes, fallen trees - we've had them...some due to cats and some due I guess just to gravity. Usually messy since we get cut trees and they are in water. I was going to make cut-outs...but my oven died Friday night.....

  9. Ahhh...those cutout Christmas cookies...they can be trying, for certain! I have mine yet to do. Glad you had shared time in the kitchen with your daughter when it came to the decorating. :) Our weekend was just like our week...BUSY. But it was all good stuff! Last evening was the "icing on the cake" when we had friends over for dinner and an evening of fun. They have two boys who are ALL BOY and it was delightful...especially because they are moving this week.

  10. I have not made cut-outs since my kids were little! But, what fun! And, sticky! Oh boy... those were the days!

  11. Your cookies look fantastic! We make cut out sugar cookies every year, I think I have been doing them since I was a child. My mom used to string them and decorate the tree with some of them. We use royal icing as well and it usually takes an entire afternoon! But so delicious!

  12. I no longer make frosted cookies. But I eat them whenever I can. This morning someone brought them to the barn office. I had two and I loved them . That's it for today. Frosted cookies cut out ....they are so labor intensive. As for the tree, you are a wise momma. No big deal to have it fall if you plan ahead! So far we've had vomit under the tree, from one cat, but no toppling over!

  13. I always do my sugar cookies with my cookie scoop and flatten them with a greased glass bottom. Then they get Cream Cheese Icing on top. Yum Yum! I made them today and have only had 1 so far. I will endeavor to only eat 1 per day, but I will surely fail!

  14. I've always want to make sugar cookies and ice them beautifully but that hasn't happened. I've made cream cheese, sugar cookies in the far past. My kids made some at my mom's during Thanksgiving break so I was over it all after devouring them.


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