My weekend was quiet, nice and uneventful, just the way I like them.
My weekend contained:

reading books
knitting time with the purple cowl
finishing the wurm hat
shopping for watercolor paper and finding it
bookstore browsing
rotisserie chicken
pasta salad
ginger cookies
our son visiting
a bit of sketching and painting
day dreaming
knitting with friends

How was your weekend?


  1. You had a great one. Gingerbread cookies ! Now I want some. Yesterday I was a knitting couch potato. It felt good. I may do some of the same today...

  2. A scrumptious pub lunch
    A jumble sale - bought a fab bag for 50p!
    Browsing in secondhand bookshops
    Lemon drizzle cake
    Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
    Working on my crochet blanket
    Taking photos of the sunset
    Watching Call The Midwife

    Debbie in London

  3. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend. My mom is visiting.. so it was a good if not busy weekend. That book is on my TBR list.. how are you liking it?


  4. Mine has included making calzones, laundry, driving to MD, planning this year's garden, and now time for some knitting!

  5. Sounds wonderful. Church, a testimony evening and a couple of beautiful walks and some crochet.

  6. Oh man!!!! GINGER cookies!!! They are my favorite! You lucky duck!

    There was some knitting here, but mostly frogged all back. I just can't get settled on a project where the yarn and pattern LIKE each other.

    Then last night I decided to just start fresh and I actually got something accomplished on a new pair of socks.

  7. Playtime with Bo
    Walk with Popeye
    Visit with cousins
    Mom sleepover
    Knitting and reading
    Watching the Oscars and texting opinions with friends. ☺️

  8. I bundled up and took a few walks, did some sewing and playing catch up around the house. It was nice not to be snow bound.

  9. Great weekend you had, my friend! Mine contained: crocheting, preparing meals, a night out Saturday night with our church family...Mexican food...shrimp salad with Blue Cheese dressing and Fried ice cream for dessert, crocheting, church on Sunday, crocheting and DVD watching. It was a very good weekend!

  10. Your weekend sounds like it was perfect!! And pasta salad!!! My friend in NC was making that when I called her yesterday. And Ginger Cookies - LOVE!!!

    My weekend had a bunch of knitting, some stitching, cooking, meeting up with Dee, tax appointment. It was a great weekend!

  11. Your weekend sounded wonderful, mine seemed way too busy.

  12. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend, as was mine. I was a complete slug all weekend. Sat, knit, read, and watched it rain.

  13. Sounds like my kind of weekend! Sadly I was sick on Saturday, so I spent the day sleeping. On Sunday I was able to read a good book, so that was much better.

  14. wonderful! the most memorable thing about my weekend was the SUN!! (and sadly, my "cleared cache" is no longer working to comment here ... off to prove I'm not a robot)

  15. Snowy, as in eight inches and blizzard conditions, but we didn't lose power. So I can also write we were warm but housebound. Soup, oatmeal raisin cookies - really I had to give some to the neighbor who helped us out with his giant snowblower on Sunday afternoon - knitting a mitten, and sewing a bit on a quilt.

  16. Your weekend sounds divine! (Also, I loved embracing the lull!) ~Jill M.

  17. I want to try sketching and watercoloring. My BuJo is crying for attention. You had a lovely weekend here.


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