My Weekend

celebrating husband's birthday - all the kids arriving for the weekend
awaiting an impending snowstorm - flurries off and on
carrot cake - chocolate - yarn winding
settling on a new sweater pattern (yay!) - tons of laundry
tons of dishes - a wintry walk with Frodo and family
hot tea in a favorite mug - planning the busy week ahead
creating a snowstorm-back-up plan for the week

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was a good one. I cooked...I baked (in the Instant Pot nonetheless)...I crocheted (finished the blue/white baby blanket and started another pink one!)...and the most fun of all we shared Saturday afternoon/evening/Sunday morning with our College Guy grandson! Then we had church this morning...but with our snow and low temps hubby said we are staying in tonight...which is fine by me.

  2. Great so far. I've been knitting and relaxing with a new book. That yarn is very pretty. Carrot cake and chocolate... yum !

  3. Yours sounds perfect. Happy Birthday to your husband. What pattern did you decide on?

  4. A long overdue haircut, two brisk walks, trying a new yoga studio, playing with some new recipes - it was lovely.

  5. Happy Birthday to you husband.. nice that all the kids were able to come over to help celebrate.


  6. Lots of knitting ..... watching the snow come down .... a little bit of reading ..... a whole lot of TEA drinking. It was a good weekend.

  7. Quiet but good.
    Belated Birthday wishes for your husband, how nice to celebrate surrounded by family.

  8. Your weekend sounds lovey. Happy Birthday to your husband and glad the kids could come. My weekend was lovely - knitting, seeing our son's and his girlfriend's new house and then taking them out to dinner, grocery shopping (the store was mobbed - panic mode for the impending storm - lol) and cooking.

  9. Pretty darn good! That yarn is really lovely (and a spring color!), and a big Happy Birthday to your husband!

  10. Toured a distillery, bought lots of bourbon, spent the night with our Elder, hiked to see waterfalls, drove to visit a friend with a wine bar, bought lots of wine, drove home, crashed in our bed, spent Sunday with the Younger celebrating Hubster's Bday for the 3rd time in 1 weekend. I'm still tired!

  11. I love your list! Michelle is so inspiring! :)

  12. Your weekend sounds amazing. Carrot cake? Yarn?? Family??
    I forgot what we did. Seriously. Oh I know I went in the hot tub once. I know I finished a sweater.

  13. Happy belated birthday to your husband. Glad all of his beloveds were under one roof just for him.

  14. My weekend? Taking Bo out, bringing Bo in. Taking Bo out, bringing Bo in...oh! And we did go out to dinner with friends in between taking Bo out, bringing Bo in! 😂


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