On Thursday evening I thought it would be great if I focused on knitting the blanket and have it done.  Is it done?  Nope.  The weather was too nice for blanket knitting even with the AC on.  However, today isn't over yet. 

How are you?  How was your weekend?  Mine was stuffed with busy goodness.  Friday we had friends over for dinner which is always a great time.  Yesterday I did some watercolor painting in the afternoon after doing not much in the morning (I cannot remember).  Once Saturday evening Mass was over, we went to dinner at a local bar and grill. 

Today I rejiggered some yarn stash around.  I unearthed some half skeins and left overs of fingering weight yarns and plotted out a way to make the 3 color cowl.  If you're guessing I'm thinking of Christmas presents you are guessing correctly.  And I wanted to thin out the left overs.  Now the fun part will see if I have enough yarn to make three cowls.  I believe that pattern is forgiving and I'll be able to make whatever I have on hand work.

While I've been playing with the yarn stash, my husband has been working outside mulching and planting the front beds.  This afternoon I ran up to Lowes and scoured their clearance section for perennials.  I love that there are employees that overwater a plant just enough to make them look bad but they are perfectly fine to buy for $1.50 on clearance.  What a steal!

the rest of those bushes are toast (he's cutting them down)

The self imposed blanket deadline has been pushed back.  Maybe by the end of the week I'll be finished?   I'll be working on it each evening exclusively so that will help.

My cup of hot tea awaits, so tell me about your weekend!


  1. My weekend was lovely! Yesterday a friend and I went to Storm King, which is a beautiful, large sculpture park in New Windsor, NY. We managed to walk through half of it and plan on bringing our bikes and returning so we can see the rest. Today has been a quiet day of catching up with chores and Chinese take out with my mom. My husband has been camping with his brother this weekend so the TV has been all mine! : )

  2. Knitting, shop hopping (both yarn and cross stitch), lunching, coffee drinking ..................and today?
    Lots of yard work. :-)

  3. I'm glad you've had a good weekend, I've been shopping today and also wiped and mopped over the inside of our caravan. My husband washed the outside last week and did a few jobs to get it ready for the summer. We've pulled it onto the grass at the moment, giving opportunity for sweeping all the leaf debris out from underneath.
    We watched a film together as a family in the lounge on Saturday with teen 1 girlfriend. It's nice when the teens wish to sit with us - we sound so sad lol. It was Dr. Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch - it was a bit of a strange film, but they liked it. Cathy x

  4. Your weekend sounds lovely. Mine consisted of taking care of my grand kitty, crocheting on myn Spotting Clouds top, knitting on Rose City Roller sock, baking bread and doing some grocery shopping at our Safeway that is closing. They are having a 50% sale on everything that is left. I got some great deals on baking supplies and spices! Our weather is unseasonably cool for the desert of Arizona. We are in then70s and 80s this week so the doors and windows are wide open! Too soon it will be 100 plus.

    1. Oh forgot.....we went to Mass yesterday and had a visiting priest. He was fabulous and actually gave me food for thought for this week.

  5. My weekend was a fast two days of yard work, laundry, errands, driving to MD (the traffic!), and working a bit in the yard here. I'm ready to sit down and knit a bit!

  6. The three-color cowl is a very forgiving project. You can definitely get three cowls out of your stash.
    I had a reasonably restful weekend with lunch out with my mom, Torah study, and sketching. I think weekends would be better if they were 3 days long!

  7. I just love when the plants are on super clearance. I managed to save my geranium and my moss roses from last year. I have a cactus too. And one desert bloom that I have kept going for about 4 or 5 winters now. None of them will be put out this week. I also started some sunflowers in little biodegrade pots. MY plan is to have 5 to 10 plants on my upper patio for the whole summer. No deer can reach them there! Oh this weekend: seems I changed my clothing about ten times with the weather going to extremes ! I am still hoarse from that silly virus 2 weeks ago!

  8. Your weekend sounds lovely! I'd love to play with my yarn stash, but I'd have to build one again. It's rather small right now. But that's okay.
    Our weekend was a perfect combination of work and play. We're getting the hang of that balancing thing ;-)
    I love that first picture of Holly!

  9. What a lovely weekend - but I agree, the heat was a bit much over the weekend. Today is just about perfect! I could take a summer of days just like this!

  10. Your weekend sounds lovely. Mine was quiet but I did manage some time sorting out the yarn stash too. Gerard is repairing and I am painting an old wardrobe so that I can use it for storage.

  11. We hand a similarly low key weekend. We finally watched the Avengers Endgame and even though we went at 10:30 am the theater was packed. We weeded.. the weather had finally warmed up and it makes me happy.
    I need to hit the home depot garden center as well.

  12. I'm motivated by (and often hold myself hostage to) to-do lists ... so I'm trying to free myself from the (often) unreasonable expectations and embrace TODAY. work in progress :-)

  13. Those yarns are going to play well together and make gorgeous cowls. Funny you mention over-watered plants on sale. I bought a few the other day that had spent an afternoon in the hot sun and weren't looking too happy. They gave me a discount and I brought them home, put them in the ground and watered them and they perked right up.

  14. Sigh, I'm still waitin on my CFO to start getting the front yard fixed up. This weekend that you posted on was very busy for me. Friday was a Pampered Chef party, Saturday was lunch up in the city, and Sunday was brunch on the peninsula. I ended up getting sick for half of last week. It's stressful for me to have such busy weeks and packed weekends. I've become more of a homebody since moving out to the burbs.


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