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How are you?  I've hit my knitting stride this week after adjusting to all the changes that have occurred with my schedule.  First and foremost I finally decided on my new project.  I pulled out some luscious yarn and casted on yet another citron shawl.  According to Ravelry this is my seventh one but I gave many of them away.  I think I own two of them.  I wanted a true comfort knit and I love the pattern and how it grows and the rhythmic stockinette knitting.  Also the yarn is a gradient so I'm interested to watch the colors change.

My sweater hasn't seen much knitting overall but I did manage to add another inch.  I should get back to this and get to the sleeves!  I won't be wearing this until the fall since spring is here.  I will have something new in my wardrobe when the leaves start to fall which I find exciting and hopeful.

I've been working on my hitchhiker in the evenings while watching TV.  I found some left over sock yarn from a previous project to keep adding length and to add a bit of contrast.  Hopefully I will be finishing this project by next week, maybe.

What are you working on this week?


  1. I have also felt the need for comfort knitting, so I'm back to working on Hitchhikers. Yours is lovely, as is your sweater, and your gradient Citron!

    1. I fully understand the need for Comment Mod. Especially after the hate filled one, I got.

      But I can not comment, at the end of this post.

      The only way I can, is to Reply, to one of your other comments. ???

      Gentle hugs,
      🌸 🌸 🌸

  2. I have also felt the need for comfort knitting, so I'm back to working on Hitchhikers. Yours is lovely, as is your sweater, and your gradient Citron!

  3. Oh! That yarn is gorgeous!! It will make a lovely Citron! (stay well my friend!)

  4. Oh gosh I love ALL your projects. Your sweater screams FALL to me (my favorite season) so it will be perfect before you know it! The yarn for your Citron is gorgeous and your Hitchhiker is as well. It's so good to have our comfort knitting, isn't it?

  5. That sweater is GORGEOUS. I love the color combination in the yoke.

  6. That sweater is growing so fast. I have been knitting a shawl too this week and still waiting for a reply to work out a pattern that I have just bought and the stitch count seems to be incorrect which is rather frustrating!

  7. Every time you show that sweater I swoon! I am working on some hats.

  8. Oh, that sweater! It will be so wonderful to pull that out at fall and start to wear it!
    I long for comfort knitting, so I'm working on a very simple shawl and (of course) a hat.

  9. If you love the shawl enough to have made it six times already, cast on, I say! Knit the hell out of it, especially if you might end up giving it away again. (I am curious how this one will look, the colours look very interesting.

    Sweater and shawl look as beautiful as ever, and hooray for comfort knitting right now! As for me, I'm still working on my sweater and my shawl - but I did start a cross stitch project to mix it up a bit! :)

  10. Gosh, that sweater! It is SO gorgeous! I love your Hitchhiker too and can't wait to see how the Citron turns out.

  11. I love your pretty pink journal...and your sweater is perfect!
    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. That sweater is so beautiful. Every time I pull up your blog, I hope you will show a photo of it. Stunning. Gradients are fun to work, they keep one knitting on to see what is next. Enjoy your new shawl.

  13. I am IN LOVE with your gradient yarn. I ve tried Citron before, and failed. But, I shall try again I think you've inspired me! IM knitting the baby blanket and the summer cowl.

  14. Kazak çok güzel görünüyor. Ellerine sağlık:)


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