How was your weekend?  Mine was overly dreary outside.  Saturday was supposed to be a partly sunny day but Mother Nature didn't receive the memo.  I'd say maybe we had 30 minutes of sunshine total.  Even though Saturday was disappointing, we managed to squeeze in a walk get some fresh air and get our wiggles out.

There is so much rain, the good news is that lots of bushes and trees are starting to sprout or bud.  I'm exited for the flowering crab apple tree this year, I think it's going to be beautiful.

Sunday I watched Mass on Youtube while knitting my citron shawl.  I love Mass even more!  I do miss going to church and seeing all of my pew neighbors though.

I didn't read as much as I would've liked this weekend mainly because I've been cross stitching up a storm.  It's my new (renewed?) obsession and a welcomed one.  In my mind I'm racing to finish the project before the shutdown is lifted a bit.  It's a fun virtual race.

I never did stash dive like I said I was going to do, so that's still on my mind.  I'm thinking socks for people...maybe, it's a lot of knitting.  Maybe socks for some people on my knitting list.

How was your weekend?


  1. The weekend was so dreary!! It is really beginning to get to me (finally). Usually I don't mind rainy days, but day, after day, after day, after day is wearing on me. I like your cross stitch. Isn't it funny how we are picking up different (renewed) things to do?

  2. It was dreary here too... and cold... and so damp! A good weekend to stay in and knit :)

  3. It was also rainy, dreary, and cold here, but it made a good weekend for knitting (and some laundry). The excitement continues! :-)

  4. I love your little Personal Race, to get it done, before Lock Down is over! A really fun thing to do! What a good idea!!!!!!

    I think, yes it's only been 2 days ago, but I still get forgetful of the weather! LOL! Anyway, think Sat. was ok, but Sun. was a rain fest for sure!!!!!!! Those days can be difficult. Have to turn on more lights than usual, and try to perk up!

    I am a Turn-Lights-Off-If-Not-Using-Them person. And even... "Do your really need those overhead lights...? person. Drives my poor husband "up a wall." But when weather gets depressing, I have to ease up on my Rules. >,-)

    My wish...
    Depending on your circumstances,
    Let the healthy, go back to work,
    Compromised people, still stay home.

  5. I am really enjoying "watching" church and also really missing SEEING everyone, the hugs and handshakes, and communion. Apparently our Mother Nature is taking lessons from yours and ignoring the weather forecast. I am so ready to leave behind the rainy season and move into some sunny days!

  6. Our weekend was dreary on Saturday. And full of concern for a family member who is doing better now. My parents loved their pew partners!
    We had a nice day yesterday and it was so welcomed! Today much rain, but not as cold. Im glad I got the clover seeds DONE in the woods.

  7. I have at least two more weeks of staying at home and since I am on Long Island, NY, I really don't think we will be moving about freely any time in the near future. I am so glad that you have returned to cross-stitch. I really like that musical piece.

  8. We had two nice days so maybe the sun shine and warmer temps will blow your direction. I'll think good thoughts and send them your way. I know my daughter on the East Coast would love to get her kids outdoors. So much energy. I knit while I watched church too.

  9. Yay for getting wiggles out. We are having mid-70's and had some low 80's too last week. I think it's neat how church can be watched via the WWW.

  10. There is still some uncertainty about when the lockdown is to be lifted here but we are doing well thus far. Love the cross stitch piece you are doing, hopefully you will get it finished. Its fun to set yourself a virtual challenge. Take care and stay safe.

  11. I constantly laugh at myself because I have the sense of needing to hurry up and finish a project/book/whatever before the Stay At Home order lifts and yet.... with our current living situation, things aren't much different now than from normal. I don't get to go to knitting groups but that's about the only difference. Oh well. The lock down is spurring me to knit and read faster so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.
    Stay well,

  12. I am really sorry Karen that somehow I missed this post and now the weekend has come round again! I hope you have had a lovely week and I look forward to hearing about what you have been doing the weekend. I hope the weather is a little less wet for you this time x


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