Well well well.  This weekend was quiet!  I guess when you hear landscaping equipment for three days in a row you notice the silence and welcome it.   I felt so relaxed.  This morning they will be here by 8 a.m. to start up the noise and will be here until 3:30 p.m.  They hope to be done by Wednesday but we'll see about that, it looks to me like Thursday might be the last day.

The quote was for a 20 ft boulder wall but the wall builders said it was about 60 feet long...  Sounds like the kind of eyeballing measuring that I do with yarn!

Saturday my husband made curry and I sat and relaxed while he labored away.  We always get into it when he declares how tired he is.  I respond that I cook everyday. Did you know that his cooking is more tiring than mine?  

In the above photo he was saying take the picture over and over because I wanted it to be just right.  I was laughing too much over that.  So the photo is candid in a way.  Our walk on Sunday morning was a humid walk (not a fan).  Deep down I am wishing for cooler air but I know that's going to be a while so I keep squashing that wish.

I had a zoom meeting with my daughter and son in law, it was so good to see them.  Maybe we will see them next weekend for a day visit but she is still watching the numbers and assessing the risks of getting together.  It's nice to know that our visit will be happening one day soon.  I miss them.

The last shawl with gradient yarn is making steady progress.  This was in an extended time out because I was focusing on other projects.  The main body of the shawl is garter stitch but because of the silk content the stitches are slippery and so I have to watch what I do.  

How was your weekend?


  1. I like that picture of you two!! It was a very muggy weekend here. I did walk Saturday morning, but not on Sunday. I've been in the mood for curry...I may need to make that.

  2. I also like that picture of you guys (and your watercolors)! I do hope you can see your daughter soon. I thought DE was crazy when they re-opened so much so early, but now it looks like the numbers are heading back up. I wonder if I'll ever do anything again without consciously calculating the risk?!

  3. what a cute photo of the two of you!!! My hubby isn't a cook at all, but usually a willing griller....out of commission for an undetermined amount of time...had surgery last week (cancer)....he's doing quite well, but life around here has been quite different while we sort things out. Fortunately, we've both tried to keep our sense of humor as well as sense of adventure as we maneuver our 'new normal'!!! (Prognosis is great...path report came back with clear lymph nodes.) Life is good.

  4. My husband also likes to cook, but I have done the vast majority of the cooking throughout our marriage. I love that picture of the two of you. A zoom meet-up with your daughter sounds great. Wish my kids would do something like that. Hope all goes well with the rest of the landscaping and wall-building. Have a good week.

  5. Mine can't cook.. at all. If he boils the water for coffee it's a win for me..
    But he does a lot of the other stuff I couldn't be bothered with..
    Sounds like a lovely weekend.. we have been biking.. expanding the distance ever so slightly to increase the kids and my stamina.
    We too our constantly analyzing the risks of our activities. Hope you daughter can visit.. even if for a short time.

  6. My hubby is a grill/smoker master. I do appreciate that too. We have an agreement....whoever cooks does not clean up. It works quite well too. I hope you can have your in person visit soon. Our numbers here in Arizona are going crazy! Face mask and hand sanitizer are my constant companions. We also have limited ourselves to whom we will visit in person with. We are now down to 5 people as 2 others just informed us they were exposed. So scary. BUT......that leaves plenty of time for knitting. Right? I look forward to seeing you border wall when it is completed. (I am laughing as a border wall in Arizona takes on a whole new meaning)

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend! It is hot here too, I am not a fan of summer, temps in the 90-and low 100's, yuk! I love it when my husband cooks, and I am willing to eat anything he makes without complaining, anything for a night I don't need to be in the kitchen.
    Husbands are funny, 'too tired to cook', when we were looking for a new house my husband said he wanted a house with no yard work, he had been doing yard work his entire life....I said fine, I wanted a house where I didn't have to clean bathrooms, I had been cleaning them my entire life. We moved to a home with little yard work and he helps with bathrooms!

  8. Muggy here too for awhile until we had a horrendous storm and now back to normal, rain and more rain. Loved the photo of you two, looked like you were having fun.

  9. Husbands! Mine is the same way. He'll suggest going out for dinner because "he doesn't feel like cleaning up after cooking." Like he does either! Actually, he does cook sometimes but he Never cleans up afterwards. Think I'll keep him around anyway though.
    Can't wait to see the finished wall!

  10. Adorable picture of you two.

  11. What a great picture of you two! It made me smile. I made cauliflower curry soup this weekend. It was really good. I'm sure that your curry was wonderful.

  12. What a cute photo of the two of you. Your art work is looking good - as usual. I hope that a year from now we will all be seeing our families without calculating the risk. We are into some hot and humid weather too. Thank goodness for the A/C.

  13. You and your hubby are so dang cute together. ! Someday soon numbers better get to the R Naught factor of One. I think I know how you feel! Because I cannot wait to see people especially my daughter and someday my son. Weekend: Paddlebaording and gardening. Oh, and trying to podcast.

  14. That is so funny! My hubby is the same - when he cooks he is 'too tired' to clean up as well. But when I cook pretty much every day, I also do the dishes. I guess it is the same as their colds are always worse! Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

  15. Love the photo of you and your husband! How lovely that he cooks at all, mine never does, he tells me I am so much better at it than him........It is was a wild wet weekend here, with gusty wind and lots of rain, we all hunkered down inside. Lots of blog reading, sewing and knitting going on here xx

  16. Maybe there is something about the Y chromosome! My husband also finds cooking very tiring.

    I spent the weekend getting life back in order after our trip to Door County. I made grain bowls Sunday and had my mom come for dinner.

  17. I love the photo of the two of you, very sweet. Our numbers continue to be horrendous, stay safe.

  18. Ooh, curry; how does he make his? Cute pic of you two.

    1. his recipe is a mixture of his own doing and his father's recipe. It's an onion tomato base, not sure which spices and we love mushrooms potatoes and chicken added. He makes it mildly spicy since I do not like overly spicy.


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