How was your weekend? Mine was quite nice especially since autumn is squeezing out summer days by leaps and bounds. The mornings are chilly and the sunset inches closer and closer towards dinner time. I love all of it and am savoring it.

I spend most of summer trying my best to enjoy summer but really deep down inside I long for fall.

I did a bit of puzzling, reading and knitting. Also a lot of research on the internet about healthy diets. I cut added sugar on Saturday because of a really crazy high-salt high-sugar Friday. I felt so crummy this weekend. I remember being in my 20s and eating anything I wanted without ill effects. Oh how I miss those glorious days.

I have to do yoga frequently so I can sit and knit. I have to exercise frequently so I don't have chronic back pain or joint pain. Now I believe I need to cut the added sugar (most days I am low salt so that isn't an issue). I'll keep you posted on the journey. I don't like to obsessively track health goals but I have a dedicated notebook for some healthy 'reminders'. 

Our daily walks have resumed since the weather has been much nicer. Look at all of the golden leaves! I am in heaven. My dogwood trees are turning a delightful purple shade and it won't be long before the maple trees are in the glory. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Ah, fall! It will really be here when we have frost and crisp, clear blue skies, but the current weather is so much nicer than heat and humidity. I'm always surprised when I realize the sun is setting so much earlier but I'll happily take everything fall offers.

  2. Getting older is not for sissies. I find certain food make me feel gross too. Food with high sugar content is one of them. Regular pasta is another. We have had to go to pasta made from red lentils.

    We had a glimpse of fall here last week and I was so excited. The cool mornings are are my favorite times to sit outside and plan my day. Your dogwood tree is gorgeous. Soon, your entire wooded area will be a riot of color.

  3. Getting older sucks but it's better than the alternative lol. Fall is definitely on the way! :)

  4. We didn't do much this weekend.. I was feeling a little blue. And football season has started so the boys are now glued to the sofa..

  5. Feeling pretty much the same as you. Things I used to eat with abandon are now off the diet. :-(

    Back to the gym this morning. I read where the gym is the "most dangerous" place to go right now. Well, 'ya gotta die of something I guess. I either take my chances with Covid-19 or take my chances of having a heart attack.

    Back to the gym we go. :-/ (Actually, it was pretty empty and people were following the rules pretty well. I feel safe there.)

  6. Quiet but fulfilled is how I would describe my weekend. Like you watching what we eat these days, there is certainly a lot to be said of a good diet.

  7. Well, our weekend was full. You know our friend stayed with us while visiting her sick brother. But, it was good because his cancer is responding to the treatments. Then cleaning after she left. Then naps nap s and naps. I did begin yesterday, to go to my towns busiest areas and park while I read and let people see my BIDEN sign in the truck. :) Makes me feel like I am doing sometihing. One man said to antoher after seeing the sign:
    My family wants me to absentee vote...maybe I should Hopefuly he was from Illinois where it wont matter anyhow! Some folks come up to the truck, masks on and say they are going to start this too

  8. I had one of those lovely calm and happy weekends. When it feels like you do nothing and everything all mixed up together. We have some heat returned to us this week, I am loving it, I suspect it would seem like very cool temperatures to you, but for me it is lovely to be in the warmth of the sun once again!

  9. Another quiet weekend for us. Walking on Saturday, livestream church worship on Sunday a.m. I put a batch of tomatoes in the freezer on Saturday afternoon and played with my knitting and an audio book on Sunday afternoon. Oh that sugar, I feel like it is a slippery slope. When I eat sweets, I just want more.

  10. Working out can be such a chore. I didn't today b/c I didn't do my laundry earlier and so I feel somewhat guilty, but oh well. I did exercise 7 days last week and Sa & Su I was on the treadmill for at least 1.5 hours.


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