How are you and how was your weekend? 

All of the photos are in reverse order because Blogger wants to vex me so. 

We were crazy enough to take walks this weekend because the sun was out but holy cow was it 'brisk'. I put Frodo's little coat on under his harness. He doesn't like wearing it but I believe he was thankful for the added warmth. Isn't he just dapper?? Gosh, I love him so.

Because of the mini deep freeze I'm going to make my husband a pair of mittens, of course inspired by the Bernie meme. There were a few patterns trending on Ravelry and I've chosen one. I'll take some pics later this week - I am not following the brown colors though - I'm going with a burnt yellowish green as the base.

I also balled up six skeins of wool for my next sweater cast on. Stay tuned for that as well.

I wore my sweater that I finished last week and it is WARM. I believe traditional wool is warmer than super-wash wool. It felt extra toasty warm during the day and while out on one of the walks. I broke out into a slight sweat while vacuuming... 

I finished the shawl in the photo below, I'm waiting for it to dry and then I'll be doing it's photo shoot.

The weekend was nice and calm - absolutely perfect! My sister face-timed me with her brand new grandson during her first visit, oh my gosh, so sweet and he is little.  He is one week old already. 

So how was your weekend?


  1. Look at your blue, blue, blue sky!!! But oh my! It was bitter cold this weekend. I love Frodo's coat - he is very dapper as you say. The glimpse of your sweater is nice - glad it is so warm. My weekend was good - reading, cooking, knitting - all the things I love. Are you expecting the storm tonight into tomorrow?

  2. Frodo is such a handsome little guy in his coat. So glad you had a nice weekend Karen. Here's to a great week!

  3. Frodo does indeed look dapper in his plaid jacket. Next he needs a Sherlock Holmes hat to go with it lol.

    It was cold and rainy here this weekend. That weather is carrying on into today too. It makes it a great time for homemade soup and stews. Yum!

  4. That sweater is beautiful.. I saw it on insta the other day and thought wow. Such great detail.
    Frodo is looking very dapper.

  5. Frodo is adorable in his coat. Oh heck .........he's adorable ALWAYS.

    I heard someone on a podcast say that superwash wool is not as warm. It had something to do with the "plastic" coating they put on it.

  6. So lovely to see those blue skies! Our weekend was restorative. didn't realize just how exhausted I as until I got 8+ hours of sleep two nights in a row. and a nap!

  7. It was a cold weekend but Frodo looks terrific in his coat! I can't believe how many mitten patterns have been developed from Bernie's mittens. My youngest son thinks we'll remember Bernie more from Joe from the inauguration!

  8. All of your knitting is so beautiful! Blogger vexes me when trying to add picures too. Grrrr :)

  9. Hi Karen,
    ...it was chilly and windy here...so we didn't spend much time outside...and the movers finally came this morning to get the kiddos stuff for Japan...
    Have a lovely day!

  10. It is very cold and windy here. I haven't ventured out for a walk since my daughter and her dog left. I am hoping to take a quick stroll tomorrow. I love that sweater. Blogger had been confounding me sometimes also. I add my photos one at a time.

  11. Frodo's plaid jacket is just the thing. He is a handsome guy. I agree with you nonsuperwash wool is warmer than superwash. Sweaters from traditional wool are so warm - nice on cold days. Quiet weekend with snow on Saturday and a damp gray cold Sunday but not much remarkable for a pandemic weekend.

  12. I couldn't even get on Bloglovin' yesterday, and I agree that the new version of Blogger is annoying! It's been chilly here lately, and that means the skies have been clear for once. Today we had an interesting walk. When we left the skies were blue, but then it became cloudy, and when we were not too far from home, it began to hail. Luckily the hailstones were small, so it was kind of fun watching them bounce off our warm jackets and not nearly as wet as it would have been if it had rained since we left our umbrellas at home. Can't wait to see your version of Bernie's mittens.

  13. How lovely to be able to see the new baby, what a joy. The wonder of technology. Love the colours used for the shawl looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. Frodo looked so cute in his little coat, have you thought about knitting him one? Have a great week.

  14. Okay, so here's the ticket: You don't vacuum!! That' sweater is just gorgeous. I wish I had a knitting machine. I'd make Up Bernie Mitts and I'd sell them so fast!


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