Good morning! How was your weekend? I'm sitting here in the family room as the day begins with Frodo sleeping by my side. He is a faithful companion and I love him so. My weekend was nice, we didn't do anything exciting. However 3-4 more inches of snow fell on Sunday and the new snow has whitened up the landscape.

I believe we are in for a snowy week ahead. It's a good thing I like to sit inside and knit.

I did some art journaling and continued to do my daily haiku challenge. Of course there was knitting, isn't there always? 

I baked cookies and wished I hadn't because now I eat them and sleep terribly at night. Today is a new day to resist. I might put them in the freezer (but my husband might want them on the counter...).

I started reading Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown. I've had this book on my Kindle for years and thought it was about time I read the Indian history of the American west. It is a must read if you ask me. Last year I read Grant's biography and the book briefly touched on American Indians and treaties made and broken by the government. I knew then I wanted to dig deep and learn more.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sunday's snow was beautiful. We ended up with around 8" more! I have to keep my eye on the weather forecast as Thursday will be an office day for me - no choice - I have to go in!! Your latest Heart Warmer is coming along so nicely.

  2. My weekend was blessed. We went and played Bingo with our son and his wife, attended Mass, grocery shopped and, watched the Phoenix open golf tournament and super bowl on TV. Our weather is in the 70s with glorious sunshine and light breezes.

    I am still a bit jealous of all your lovely pristine snow. To be able to knit and look at it.wpuld be wonderful.

  3. It does look like a very snowy week for all of us, so it's a good thing you've got wool to keep you warm and to knit! Just a cautionary word: I put cookies in the freezer, but found out that many types are quite good frozen (especially Girl Scout Thin Mints)!

  4. A little snow here too, that left as quickly as it came. Gerard and I have been having a little fun with haiku too. I have been adding a few to my poetry journal and enjoyed the process.
    Watching through the window pane,
    Snow is falling gently to the ground,
    Cold seeping through the glass.
    Have a good week, the cookies would be very tempting.

  5. It was a very snowy weekend. We have about a foot to a foot and a half on the ground now.

    There was knitting for sure and a lot of reading. Oh, and TEA! Lots of tea.

    The gold yarn in your first picture is gorgeous!

  6. I was tempted to do some baking during our snowy Sunday, but I desparately have to lose the weight that I have added recently as my clothing is getting uncomfortable. Your knitting is looking so pretty. Stay safe and warm with Frodo.

  7. It was very very cold. I got a lot of knitting done. I also listed a bunch of music records on marketplace. Feels good to get things on their way to another home. Even if I end up donating them. Today I donated a dozen or so shoes to a family (extended) that live in our town. I knocked on the door. The grandfather answered and although we speak different languages he was grateful to take the shoes. I also could not help myself and gave them an extra smoke alarm we had. I shudder when I think of too many people and one little candle! I know I could have given to Goodwille, but I had an inkling this home had needs.

  8. We even had snow in North Georgia ... and there is more in our forecast. I am glad I can plan around it and just enjoy it from the inside (except for walking Holly ... who hates wet cold more than just about anything).

  9. Your snow is so pretty...we had some wintry weather...but it was only sleet...made for some nice knitting weather though...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  10. We had sum sunshine yesterday, so we took an extra long walk. Not much else going on here. I sorted through some X-stitch projects and was very surprised how many there are. We woke up to a little snow, but it's all gone now. I wonder whether it'll snow some more tonight.

  11. We had snow over the weekend and so have quite a blanket of white. Now it's into the deep freeze of the polar vortex with bitter cold. Like you I made cookies. I usually put about half of the batch in the freezer. It is a good thing we can entertain ourselves indoors with yarn. Your art journaling is lovely.

  12. So wonderful you are getting snow. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is a fantastic book, sad, rather pathetic how we treated the American Indians. White Culture really has a lot to atone for, our treatment of people of color is sinful.

  13. My pastor sent me some information about a Lenten Journey with poetry... A devotion, and a prompt for writing a haiku for 40 days. I thought of you! I am excited to participate! Your knitting... I love that color!

  14. The snow has been putting smiles on our faces. We have nowhere to go so the usual problems that snow presents no longer exist.

  15. Beautiful knit and yellow ochre yarn! We went to church Sunday and then Monday evening got new snow. 6 inches!!

  16. Wow, look at that snow. We actually had some rain today. Surprising!


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